Secondhand Books

Where can I buy second hand books in India you ask?

I feel you, i really do. So I have listed below, a number of sources where you can pick up your second hand books.

  1. FriendsOfBooks – I am currently in the process of making my first order from them and you will see a review post soon. UPDATE : Each time I try to find something to order I find the same book cheaper on amazon(New book) or a much cheaper book on another second hand site. I wouldn’t recommend this right now to anyone. UPDATE : SHUT DOWN
  2. Bibliofreaks – I’ve ordered from them already. You can check my review out here.
  3. Bookaura – I have not tried them yet because they have no books that interest me but I shall keep my eyes peeled and snatch one up if it come and review them for you.
  4. Berkshire Books – They have a physical store as well as an eBay store. I’ve linked the latter (obviously, i can’t very well link you to the physical store, that would be pure magic). The books are all priced at 200. Also based on my experiences with Ebay I really wouldn’t recommend this. But if you’ve had a good experience go right ahead.
  5. Bookchor – This was originally an app and is now a full fledged website. I’ve shopped from them multiple times and I’d recommend these folks over any others here. If you do use them after reading this post please use my referral code BC116.
  6. Bookreuse – I recently found out about this and the best part about them is that they have COD (That’s Cash on Delivery). I’ve ordered one book from them, just one and to make sure it is an auspicious beginning I’ve chosen a Margaret Atwood book. Review will be up as soon as I receive and open it. UPDATE : I’ve ordered and posted a review here. Note: Be very careful when ordering with them and only pick COD. My second order hasn’t gotten here, it’s been five days and when I called they hadn’t even received the order. It took a lot of calling and confirming transaction ID to get them to ready my package for shipping. UPDATE : SHUT DOWN
  7. PenAndParchment – I haven’t ordered from them yet. I don’t think I will anytime soon mainly because their prices are ridiculous. EG: In the image below is the price of a new book on Amazon and the price of a used book on PenAnParchment. They claim to have unbelievable prices and they’re right, I can’t believe they are so expensive. comparitive
  8. Secondhandbooks India – Again the prices are way up there to the point that it makes more sense to buy a new book than a used book. I wouldn’t really pick them to shop from. Moreover the website is a pain to browse (I still haven’t figured out how to browse through the offerings) and it’s just not worth the effort when other websites are easier to use and shop from.
  9. MadBooks – Well organised and easy on the eyes, this website offers Indian and international authors. Unfortunately when an Indian author’s new book is 120 on Amazon and 150 here for a used book you can clearly see why it’s better to buy a new one. I wish these websites would think about the rates they assign to books before just throwing them onto a site and hoping people buy them.
  10. Bookadda – You need a facebook account and you buy from other users. I can’t comment on this service because I don’t have a facebook.
  11. Kitaabi – I believe they ship only within mumbai and offer COD but I’m not sure. I wouldn’t buy from them again because the prices are too high. See pic below. The price of a new book is cheaper on amazon than the price of a used book here. Untitled-1
  12. Buy Used Books – This seems to be a reasonable website. Yes it’s expensive (for some books) and I find cheaper books at local second hand stores but for people who don’t have local second hand stores this is a reasonable choice. Also their selection starts at 10 rupees. So that’s great! Unfortunately the search function doesn’t work in this very well. Even though they have a lot of Stephen King books when I tried to view just King by searching for him it returned no results. That’s a problem.

Disclaimer : please check the prices of new books on Amazon and Flipkart. If there is a sale for a new book and it’s cheaper you might feel annoyed or cheated. Make sure you check for good deals before you buy.

Some links might be referrals.

20 thoughts on “Secondhand Books”

  1. Hello you have not add Ostrichapp in the list, which is also doing the same thing.


  2. Thank you so much!! *crying of happiness*

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  3. I bought books off Bookchor after reading your review and I must say I am quite impressed by the quality of books and their service. 🙂

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  4. Wow! This is awesome! I’ve been looking for sites to order second hand books! Thank You!

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  5. Love the new look Vicky. Which are your favourite second hand places among the ones mentioned? Good quality books and decent service? Give me your top three. I want to check them out

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  6. Shruthi Prasad said:

    Hi… this post is very useful! thank you in first place for that!! I tried searching for the book ‘strangers drowning’ by Larissa MacFarquhar as a second hand. Unable to trace in any of the websites. any help please?

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