Bookish Resolutions

I’ve vowed to read atleast one book from an author of & set in each state in India. Since our culture is so diverse and we have so many languages, I would prefer translated works but if that isn’t available I’ll settle for reading an English book in each state.
I would really appreciate your help in this. I’ve read books set in the states I’m from and of course those set in Delhi and Mumbai, but I haven’t read enough and I want to give each place it’s due.
Please comment below with a book you think I should read or if you are an author let me know about your book and what state you are from/it is set in. Below that I also have a list of books from each country that I have read so far.
Thank you.

Delhi – Most of the books I’ve read are set here.


    1. Andhra Pradesh – The Mythologist – Vamsee Juluri , Ranga Half Pants
    2. Arunachal Pradesh –
    3. Assam – Remember Death (author from here and most of the story happens here)
    4. Bihar –
    5. Chattisgarh –
    6. Goa – Wittness The Night (Kishwer Desai)
    7. Gujarat –
    8. Haryana –
    9. Himachal Pradesh –
    10. Jammu and Kashmir – Operation Jai Mata Di
    11. Jharkhand –
    12. Karnataka – Ghachar Ghochar
    13. Kerala – Mistress, Ladies Coupe etc etc, The Gospel Of Yudas
    14. Madhya Pradesh –
    15. Maharashtra -Lots of books are set here. BUT I read Rau and Half Open Windows
    16. Manipur –
    17. Meghalaya –
    18. Mizoram – The Blaft book Of Mizo Myths
    19. Nagaland –
    20. Odisha –
    21. Punjab – Train To Pakistan
    22. Rajasthan –
    23. Sikkim –
    24. Tamilnadu – Chennai Vaasi / Tamil Pulp Fiction / The english teacher (I think this was set in TN, if I’m wrong please correct me), Shilappadhikaram, Shiva in the city of nectar, High Priestess Never Marries,
    25. Telangana – New and I’m not sure if any books have been set here yet.
    26. Tripura –
    27. Uttar Pradesh –
    28. Uttarakhand –
    29. West Bengal – Murder With Bengali Characteristics, How I Became A Tree

Union territories count too!

  1. Chandigarh –
  2. Andaman and Nicobar –
  3. Dadra and Nagar Haveli –
  4. Daman and Diu –
  5. Lakshadweep –
  6. Puducherry –


India : List
(Unnamed country in Africa) Beasts Of No Nation
S.Korea : The Vegetarian
France : Alex,
Egypt : (Author) The Queue
Netherlands : The Dinner, Miniaturist,
South Africa : Show Me A Mountain,