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30965521Author : Louise O’Neill

Publisher :

Genre : YA, Crime, Women’s Fiction

Source : Own copy

Rating : 4.5 Stars

Summary : In a small town, where everyone knows everyone, Emma O’Donovan is different. She is the special one – beautiful, popular, powerful. And she works hard to keep it that way.
Until that night…
Now, she’s an embarrassment. Now, she is a slut. Now, she is nothing.
And those pictures – those pictures that everyone has seen – mean she can never forget.


The story follows Emma, or Emmie, one of the most popular girls in school, every boy’s desire, every girl’s envy and all the other things a pretty girl in a small town gets to be. Unfortunately when someone popular falls we all know how excited the town gets, like vultures circling a particularly delicious prey. And that is what happens to Emmie. Sure she isn’t a nice girl but we all know that makes no difference to anything. The fact that she is a girl is enough to make everyone take the boy’s side during a crisis.

If i were to compare this to Exit, Pursued By A Bear, I would say that the difference between the two is that the latter had supportive friends. In all honesty while I did like the friendship better it was also terribly unrealistic. No friend is ever there for anyone when that person is down in the dumps. And while one or two of them make an effort it is never really a solid effort and that, more than anything else, makes this a super realistic book.


The author holds back no punches. She really doesn’t. So if you are expecting to not be triggered, don’t. You will be triggered. This book is designed to make you uncomfortable. It is written to make you see how bad the situation is for anyone. I liked the fact that she didn’t make Emma an innocent person. Emma is a popular girl. She throws herself at boys. But that still doesn’t mean that the boys have the right to rape her. And that is what this book shows you. They do not have the right to her body even if she has offered it to one of them at a different time. Once does not mean every time. I loved this book.

The mother was really interestingly written. A religious Irish family who values the church and their reputation more than the safety of their own daughter is hard to write but she did it. I don’t know how she did it without gagging but she did it and damn did she do it well. You lose all sympathy for the father and the mother in the book. And while you are angry with Emma you are angrier with the boys and with her friends and classmates. This book was very masterfully plotted and written.


I know she did it on purpose but I wish the ending had given me more closure. Whether she had SPOILER killed herself or whether she fought the boys in court. I really wish she had given us more closure.



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