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We all love reading fantasy, especially those of us that want an escape from this life to another more thrilling, less awful (is it though?), more hopeful (really?) and thoroughly different life. So what else can I do but share an awesome book when I come across it!

“The Cold War sets the stage for various proxy wars, nationalist movements, and covert missions across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Out of the tumult will emerge a warrior. Though his heart is in the right place, he knows that he must make a tough decision that will determine his fate-and the fate of generations to come.”

Welcome to the world of Eteka: Rise of the Imamba: a powerful set of connected stories that spans two timelines: the Cold War tensions of the 1950s and the post-Cold War era of the 1990s. Eteka: Rise of the Imamba is a dark, action packed thriller that follows multiple characters across 14 locations around the world, and will appeal to readers that enjoy history, suspense, fantasy and world cultures. It is an original and unusual piece of literary fiction in the fact that it seamlessly fuses African, Asian, European and American cultures into an unforgettable reading experience.

Ben-NYC-3-768x518If you want to know more about the book click HERE and if you want to know more about the author click HERE.

Now, if the synopsis wasn’t interesting enough I suggest you checkout the little extract below so that your interest really is piqued and you go out and grab this insane book!

PROLOGUE – ETEKA: RISE OF THE IMAMBAHer blood covered his arms and chest, his singlet drenched with her ebbing life. He
carried her, running as fast as he could through the dark and abandoned warehouse somewhere in Abuja, Nigeria. His heart pounded, and the African heat gave him a headache that narrowed his field of vision to only the dying woman in his arms, and a portion of the dim warehouse. He had to stop the bleeding, but they were right behind him and he couldn’t stop. He tore his eyes away from her and kept running. Blood bubbled from the hole in her neck, pulsing in time to her slowing heart. His powerful arms clutched her close as he desperately searched for a safe place to set her down and wrap a piece of his shirt around her neck, to slow the bleeding. They were both sticky from the heat, and he could feel her heart skipping beats, winding down the clock of her lifetime.
In the distance, he heard the BMW and the stolen motorcycles screech to a halt. Car
doors opened, and footsteps began to approach the warehouse. The two of them were out of time.
He was scared—not of the approaching thugs, but because he felt life leaving his lover’s body,
the woman he had just started to know. The only beautiful thing in his life now lay dying in his
arms, her skin swiftly losing its usual golden glow. She choked on her own blood as she
coughed, and looked up at him with terror in her eyes.
Climbing more stairs, he found a pillar in a concealed corner of the warehouse. The thugs
were close. He heard them yelling insults and taunts in the local dialects of Yoruba, Igbo, and
Nigerian pidgin English. From their footsteps, he guessed that there were at least four of them.
He wanted to plan his defense, but—Setting his lover against the pillar, he ripped off a piece of his sleeve and wrapped it around her neck. No cell phone on him to call for help. The clip in his Taurus PT-92 was only good for two more shots. Nowhere to run. Footsteps echoed up the stairs. His pursuers were only a few feet away.
“Please don’t leave…” he whispered as he held her close. She was still beautiful. A tear
rolled down his cheek, and with a heavy heart, he knew his time with her was about to end. She tried to respond but was unable to as her blood flowed from her mouth and neck onto his arms.
Still, she managed a lopsided smile. The thugs were in the room now. His adrenaline spiked—he had to move quickly. He took one last look at her, then spun around to face the men.
In his mind he told her he had always loved her, because there was no time to do it with
his lips.
Things had not always been like this.

Well? What do you think? I am grabbing the book as soon as I can. You know I don’t read ebooks so I will have to wait for the physical copy to reach me but I am definitely going to read it.

Available for purchase on Amazon, Book Depository and Wordery.