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Author : Capt. N.S. Mohanram

Publisher : KK Books

Genre : Memoir, Non Fiction

Source : Publisher

Rating : 4/5 Stars

Summary : Light Hearted Memoirs of a naval ship designer


This is a light hearted memoir indeed. I don’t normally read books like this, not memoirs but memoirs from people I don’t know of, especially if they are men. But this book was something that vaguely interested me and my mum so I thought I’d give it a go. I can’t say it was the best book ever but it certainly was an interesting read.


The author manages to, in a humorous manner, put forward the events that surrounded his life as a Naval officer. The politics surrounding it, how his schedules conflicted with that of his wife after she started working, how that affected family life and everything including bungling up his interview in a short tempered outburst. Of course what I liked about this is that he is about to talk about mistakes he made without giving excuses for his behaviour. It was refreshing to see someone do that. I may have disagreed with some of his thoughts but then it isn’t a debate, it’s a memoir.


I don’t think this is something that a younger audience will enjoy. My mum enjoyed it a lot more than I did and I guess it is the age factor. This would be deemed boring by some of my peers and I do wish it had been appealing to all ages. I also think the cover could have been better.


I think this would be a great book to give to someone who is from an army/navy/airforce family. Or any engineer who is older and enjoys this sort of thing.

Available for purchase on Amazon India and Flipkart.