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I guess I have to say one because I am supposed to be getting more books but since I’m not sure when it’ll reach me, I shall add 2 if there is a part two of the haul. I got my hands on some really lovely reads, most of it for work but a couple for pleasure.

  1. We Were Liars – E Lockhart. I got this after reading Genuine Fraud. I fell in love with her writing and knew I had to read the more more raved about WWL. They had also added a few chapters of we were liars at the end of Genuine Fraud and I had some Amazon money left so naturally, I didn’t even bother trying to control myself.
  2. Pretty Vile Girl – Rickie Khosla. I don’t have high hopes for this since it is an Indian thriller. About a woman, Written by a man. Also it was an unsolicited copy but since I adore thrillers I shall give this a try, Maybe Indian thrillers will slowly and surely improve and become readable.
  3. Strangers On A Train – Patricia Highsmith. I read Plotting and writing suspense fiction a while back and after that I had to read whatever experiences and books she referred to in her story.
  4. What We See When We Read – Peter Mendelsund. Do you have the kind of mind that pictures everything you read? I do. So when I saw this book that explains styles and psychologies behind it I thought it be best to read it immediately.
  5. Against Our Will – Susan Brownmiller
  6. The Nakano Thriftshop – Hiromi Kawakami : If you know how obsessed I am with Japanese writing you won’t even question why I got this. Who cares if travel to Japan is out of my budget? I shall tour the country one book at a time!
  7. Steering The Craft – Ursula Le Guin: I rodered this about half an hour before I heard about Ursula Le Guin’s death so I don’t remember exactly why apart from having seen it on must read lists for authors. But I am really glad I did.
  8. Writing The Blockbuster Novel – Alfred Zuckerman: He is a legendary literary agent so naturally I need his advice on how to make my book a success.
  9. Killers Of The Flower Moon – David Grann : I am obsessed with TV shows about the FBI and seeing how pathetic the law and order in my country is I am very curious about how they get things done there. So when I heard about this book I needed it immediately.
  10. The Creative Habit – Twyla Tharp : Yes, I need to make it a habit to be creative and finish my damn book instead of procrastinating and waiting for inspiration to strike.

I also got some review copies and other books which i think I forgot to show earlier!

  1. Folk – Zoe Gilbert: I’ve been seeing this cover everywhere so I am excited to have my own copy. I hope it is as exciting as the cover makes it out to be.
  2. In The Name Of God – Ravi Subramanian : I know this author’s books aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but as someone who adores lawyer shows and shows about fraud (hello white collar baby) I love them. I hope this isn’t Hindu bashing garbage though.
  3. Hinduism And Nature – Nanditha Krishna: I am super psyched to read this as is my family. There is so much symbolism involving nature in my religion that I am not aware of that I have to know.
  4. House Of Leaves – Mark K.Danielewski: I got this as a gift from one of my favourite people on the internet and I absolutely an psyched to be reading this! I am sure it is going to be mindblowing.
  5. The Ice – Laline Paull: I loved The Bees. Now a lot more than when I originally read it so when I saw that it was available now I was very generously provided a review copy and it is off to a kickass start.
  6. That Thing We Call A Heart – Sheba Karim: I don’t think this is my kind of read but it does look like it’ll be quick and easy so i might just give it a try, expand my horizons a bit.
  7. The Missing Girl – Jenny Quintana : It sounds great. Like Emma In The Night but less creepy. I adored Emma In The Night and if this is even half as good as that, I am sure I will adore it.
  8. This Is How It Ends – Eva Dolan: I know that I requested this book because the blurb sent chills down my spine. There is something about a body hidden in a lift shaft that is just….whoa. You know?

What do you think of these books? Read any? Dying to read any?