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Author : Stephen King

Publisher : Hodder & Stoughton

Genre : Memoir, Non Fiction

Rating : 5 Stars

Source : Purchased

Summary : Part memoir, part master class by one of the bestselling authors of all time, this superb volume is a revealing and practical view of the writer’s craft, comprising the basic tools of the trade every writer must have. King’s advice is grounded in the vivid memories from childhood through his emergence as a writer, from his struggling early career to his widely reported, near-fatal accident in 1999 – and how the inextricable link between writing and living spurred his recovery.
There is a reason why Stephen King is one of the bestselling writers in the world, ever. Described in the Guardian as ‘the most remarkable storyteller in modern American literature’, Stephen King writes books that draw you in and are impossible to put down.


Everyone knows that this is a must read novel for those who are thinking about writing. I myself have no one to ask for advice, I have been writing on and off since I was 14, never had anything published in my name though I did some ghostwriting for someone else so I thought I would read this to figure out why I start a novel, write three to five chapters and then stop because I can’t figure out where to go with it. I keep trying to make my books the way popular authors make their books in the hope that it will be accepted for publication but that hasn’t worked and each time I got a rejection I was told that the portions where I wrote without trying to attempt to make the book popular were the ones that were good. So, here I am, reading and taking advice from brilliant authors on what to do and what not to do (PS don’t try to copy what is popular, King thinks that is a useless habit)


Everything. This book is a perfect amalgamation of a memoir and an “instruction” book. No it isn’t a manual but it is, like Highsmith’s book, a book of all the mistakes he’s made and the lessons he has learnt. I adore his style of writing. It is easy to read, simple and paints a perfectly vivid picture of his life and what one must do to follow the passion. My joy doesn’t come from writing, I will be honest. It comes from seeing someone else enjoy my work so I guess my reasons for writing are different from certain others But I am sure they are as valid.

This book pretty much is a must read for every author and wannabe author. It states his methods, what he finds works and what doesn’t, it tells me what I have done wrong (everything) and tells me what I have done right (I should have written what I wanted to write instead of telling a bunch of trusted people my story and asking them if any changes were needed) and it also gives you grammatical help. I adored this read and the only thing I regret is not having read it sooner.


Not having read it sooner.


Really? I need to conclude this? Go read the damn book.

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