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This is a list of books I expected a lot of and their inability to live up to my expectations. There will be DNFs as well and of course, you are welcome to disagree with me since we all have different opinions. 

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  1. Binti : I just felt like this was ridiculously overhyped. TBH it really isn’t anything special and since we are talking diversity, it is the only aspect of the book that made it memorable to me. Apart from that it was below average both in writing and in plot. I do think I am comparing to the only other scifi i’ve read and that was top notch, so maybe this isn’t for me.
  2. Murder In Paharganj : Again, since this is coming from one of my favourite publishing houses I expected a lot. But it just another typical Indian thriller with bad writing and bad editing. Just….skip it.
  3. The End We Start From : This book was sooooo hyped by my favourite booktubers that I thought I would fall in love with it. Unfortunately I could barely finish the tiny thing. It was boring, dry and honestly made me realise I prefer authors who do not have specialise degrees in English.
  4. The Flintstones vol 1 : I couldn’t even finish this. The writing killed it for me and it had such boring ideas. The art was great though.
  5. Patience : It did require a lot of patience for me to read till the point I did. But the book was just about a boring whiny person with no real reasons to do what he is doing paired with art that seemed somehow slimy? Not for me.
  6. The Lauras : My reasons for not finishing this are simply because the gender of the protagonist was left ambiguous and I just couldn’t deal with that. It made it terribly boring and felt empty. I am all for breaking gender norms but I don’t believe in erasing gender for the sake of a selling point. It would have worked better with a specified gender.
  7. How To Be A Bawse : This will be controversial, won’t it. Well, I dropped this because it just felt like it was aimed at a much much younger, early teens audience. And as much as I want to root for an Indian girl making it internationally, I failed to connect with anything here even for the sake of just being supportive.
  8. Auition – Ryu Murakami : Everyone knows that Asian literature is bound to be a little misogynistic but this reallt takes the cake. I could not finish after I realised how the audition was going to go and for what kind of man it was for. *rolls eyes*

I’ve made this post really short because I didn’t want to focus too much on the negatives. Just wanted to share a post that was a proper worst for the best and the worse reads of the year. If you haven’t read my favourite books of 2017 check them out here.