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  • Author : Pavithra Srinivasan
  • Publisher : Vishwakarma Publications
  • Genre : Short Stories, Middle Grade
  • Source : Author
  • Rating : 3/5 stars

This is a collection of stories with a basis in The Hindu (a newspaper here that used to be really good) Young World pages. The author adds a note at the end of each story with facts about the characters in each story and with the date it was published in Young World. It also has illustrations that go with each story that add a simple something to it.

Something about this that really strikes me is that when you know the character the author is talking about it really leaves you with this feeling of exhilaration. Also when you manage to guess who it is before the story reveals it (the author works with a pattern of almost showing you who she is talking about but not quite till the end). The element of surprise makes this a fun read and perfect for history buffs.

WHAT I LIKED : I love how the author didn’t limit herself to one culture. She didn’t stick to India or to Tamilnadu (where she is from). Instead she covered every place possible and gave her readers a little taste of the world. There are stories from Greece, UK, Colonised India, Ancient India, Buddhist stories, Christian ones. everything you can possibly imagine and want to learn is here. In fact she does this so well that you are getting a fully rounded diverse read in one book. You get to hear stories of POC and of non POC from a POC author who has done her research well. I’ll be lending (not giving since it is a signed copy) a copy of this to my niece to see if I can tempt her into reading since all the books I’ve bought her have been wasted as paperweights.

WHAT I DISLIKED : Some of the stories felt repetitive and most of them had the same writing style. I suppose this might not have been noticed by the intended young readers but not being a young reader, I noticed them and this prevented me from enjoying and finishing it faster than I actually did. This isn’t a negative if you are using this to sort of make them read one or two stories at a time just to introduce them to various cultures.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone young who is starting off on short stories. Particularly if you wish to introduce someone to a multicultural world.

Yester Tales is a collection of snapshots from History. Short and hopefully impactful. These stories do not start conventionally from a person’s birth; in fact, they do not. Sometimes, they are slower and deeper. Yester Tales will show you, through these stories, a facet of their life that is not well known or highlight an event that deserves more than just a line in a textbook. Yester Tales will make History come alive.

Available for purchase on Amazon India and Flipkart.