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  • Author : Shweta Taneja
  • Publisher : Harpercollins India
  • Genre : Fantasy
  • Source : Publisher
  • Rating : 1 Star

This is going to be a short review because I had trouble finishing this book. And since it was because of personal issues I had with it I don’t want to bore you by rambling about those. The Matsya Curse is book two by Shweta Taneja which is book two in the Anantya Tantrist series. I haven’t read book one, which may be one of the reasons that I had trouble finishing this, but I did have a bit of trouble following what was happening especially whenever the main character referred to her past.

I wanted to like this so much. I was really excited about it since it was recommended to me by people whose book tastes I normally agree with. I even made a list based on those recommendations and further passed on said recommendation to my readers. Alas, it was not to me.

The story follows our main character, Anantya, as she tries to escape murderour plots, solve a rather gruesome murder and deal with an ex who seems calm and collected but really isn’t. She seems to be closer to solving all the creepy happenings when suddenly, everyone is bent on attacking and destroying her. She has to save herself and at the same time bring justice to those who are suffering because of these people (creatures?).

WHAT I LIKED : The author certainly has a wild imagination and shows it off every chance she gets. The book is filled with every imaginable and unimaginable creature that possibly exists or doesn’t exist. She does use every ritual possible to create this eerie atmosphere that completely confuses and bewilders the reader. And the protagonist is a female so that’s always a win win.

WHAT I DISLIKED : Too much unnecessary language and too often. It made it difficult for me to enjoy this because each time I managed to get back into what was going on she’s use the weirdest and offensive swear words, kicking me right out of the book. I couldn’t read further than 50%. Also I felt the book was a bit rushed and overfull. It is difficult to explain but this is more the editor’s job, to tell the author to slow things down and to maybe not stuff so many elements in. But that was another factor that made it difficult for me to finish or enjoy this book.

I understand that this isn’t helpful since the language thing is completely my issue but just thought you might want to know. Instead of coming across as badass, which is what I suspect the author wants, she came across as immature and childish and that did not make her appealing, as a character, to me. I suspect I may have rated this higher if I had read the first book just to get some perspective. Many thanks to the author and publisher for providing me a review copy.

Tantrik detective Anantya Tantrist is back, smart-ass comments, dark mantras and all
In Banaras, Bhairava, a black tantrik, sets out to win control of life through mass murder, aided by an army of pretas. In Delhi, a tribal supernatural melts to death in a five-star hotel on the same night that an ancient demonologist is murdered. All this while, the government and the Central Association of Tantriks choose to look the other way and gods, demi-gods, immortals and rakshasas all join Bhairava’s army.
All that stands between the murdering bosses and the hapless masses is unofficial detective Anantya Tantrist, armed with a boneblade, a tote of mandalas and a cocky attitude. Just as she begins to see a pattern between a goddess who is selling art, a miracle-producing minister, an undead mob attacking a rock concert and her immortal friend throwing a tantrum, Anantya faces her most personal hell: her ex-boyfriend Neel has come back from the dead and is trying to kill her. He’s not the only one, of course. A powerful rakshasi wants her head, a pair of demi-gods wants her blood and the trolls are trying to squash her to pulp.
She cannot even sleep off the exhaustion, because each time she drops off, Bhairava invades her mind, trying to consume it. Join Anantya as she faces her most formidable enemy yet in the ultimate battle for her mind and her city.

Available for purchase on Amazon India and Flipkart.