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  • Author : Lisa Genova
  • Publisher : Pocket Books
  • Genre : Contemporary, Medical
  • Source : Own Copy
  • Rating : 5 Stars

One of my friends described this book as Chick lit, light fluff that doesn’t make a difference to your life if you read it. Oh how male chauvinistically wrong he was! This book will break your heart and leave you a weepy mess at the end, it will make you freak out if you forget the smallest thing or if a loved one does. If will make you wonder if each day of your life is the last where you have all your senses and wits about you.

Alice is a celebrated and brilliant psychologist teaching at Harvard. She and her husband, a biologist, have built this life where their careers meet and mate to create this beautiful partnership that extends beyond just dinner table conversations and being work colleagues. In fact they respect each other so much that they have even written a scientific book together exploring how the mind affects ones biology. Imagine, a woman so accomplished, losing her memory.

WHAT I LIKED : The author masterfully shows off each emotion that the family members feel. Her children, worried that they may also lose their memory, internally blaming her. Her husband being in denial and going from treating her like a human and partner to treating her like a pet or an invalid. Herself doing the best she can, making notes, writing down everything she needs to know, just so she can function like a normal human being. This book broke my heart ruthlessly and I loved it for doing that. The author sure knows her stuff and I am sure that everything else she has written is as good as this.

The POV coming from Alice was brilliantly done. Here is this highly intelligent woman, a respected professor and expert in her subject, suddenly forgetting what se teaches. Suddenly being unable to remember where her house is. Getting lost while going for a run. Forgetting her children’s names, her husband, even her own name. You can imagine how raw it is. So beautifully written I wonder how the author managed to finish this book without turning into an emotional blubbery mess.


I highly recommend you read this book if you haven’t already. Or, at the very least, watch the damn movie.

Alice Howland is proud of the life she worked so hard to build. At fifty years old, she’s a cognitive psychology professor at Harvard and a world-renowned expert in linguistics with a successful husband and three grown children. When she becomes increasingly disoriented and forgetful, a tragic diagnosis changes her life–and her relationship with her family and the world–forever.
At once beautiful and terrifying, Still Alice is a moving and vivid depiction of life with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease that is as compelling as A Beautiful Mind and as unforgettable as Judith Guest’s Ordinary People.

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