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  • Author : Otegha Uwagba
  • Publisher : 4th Estate, HarperCollins India
  • Genre : Non fiction, self help
  • Source : Publisher
  • Rating : 3.5/5

This isn’t going to be a very long review since the book itself is just over a 100 pages. But don’t let the length of the review affect how important you think this is going to be for me and you. This is a wonderful book that aims to do one thing more than anything else, give women the confidence to stand up for themselves, network, say yes and more importantly, say no at various points of their career. From starting out fresh to management in the middle of your career, it has little tips and guidance for those who may not be lucky enough to have a mentor in their lives.

This book basically gives you points on how to negotiate, how to not sell yourself short and how to do a myriad of other things that someone like me never knew. I do a few things outside of my primary career, the main thing being my other blog, analiensart,  where I showcase my doddles, some paintings and similar things. I sell online and while I am not anywhere close to using these tips for that section of my career this is certainly going to be helpful for if and when I do get there. Now, onto the review.

WHAT I LIKED : I loved how simply the author separated the sections making each one so easy to browse through for future reference. She covers most topics except the taboo ones but then those don’t necessarily apply here. She speaks about negotiations and building up a contact list, almost everything that one would need when starting out a career or when you’re in the middle of it. She even tells you how to respond when someone says, “work for free” which is terribly common in the creative field, especially when it comes to women. She even tells you how to save for the rainy days and how to make sure you have funds when there is no flow.

WHAT I DISLIKED : Majority of the apps and services she recommends work only for the USA and the UK. For instance she recommends two financial apps that work mainly in these two countries, there is also another simple budgeting app that I use, Wally, that can be used worldwide and supports all currency forms. These could have been included since it is one app that covers every country. And the sources and events art the end of the book have the same issue, India hasn’t been included.

Apart from that minor glitch I adored this book and will keep it in the bookshelves above my desk when I do get around to building them. I’d recommend this for every woman in any career, particularly a creative one.

Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women is the modern career guide every creative woman needs, whether you’re just starting out or already have years of experience. Packed with fresh ideas and no-nonsense practical advice, this travel-sized career handbook is guaranteed to become your go-to resource when it comes to building the career you want.Writer Otegha Uwagba takes you through everything you need to build a successful self-made career: from how to negotiate a pay rise to building a killer personal brand, via a crash course in networking like a pro, and tips for overcoming creative block. Plus Little Black Book is full of indispensable advice on how to thrive as a freelancer, and an entire chapter dedicated to helping you master the tricky art of public speaking.

Available for purchase on Amazon India, Flipkart, Wordery and Book Depository.

*I received a review copy from the publishers but opinions expressed are my own.