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This is just a terrifying list and I’m worried that I’m going to hate myself at the end of it. But hey, we all need another reason to hate ourselves don’t we, so here goes nothing! Also including authors I want to read but haven’t.


1. Etiquette And Espionage : This has girls in petticoats and in a spy school. Like, what more could I want?


2. The Time Traveller’s Wife : A friend gifted this to me because he loved it and wanted me to love it. But now I haven’t read it and he’s not going to talk to me till i do apparently. So, this is on top priority!


3. In The Woods : Do you now how much I wanted this book? I desperately wanted it and waited and waited till it got on sale and grabbed myself a copy. Which is why I’m surprised that I never got around to reading it. It’s actually collected cobwebs!!!!!


4. A Visit From the Goon Squad : I got this because one, female author, two, the title and three, it won the Pulitzer! Yet, I haven’t read it. In fact, I don’t even remember which shelf it is on!


5. Light Shining in the Forest : Mercy’s Bookish Musings raved about this book (If i recall correctly, I could be wrong) and I immediately went online and ordered myself a copy. That was last year.


6. The Knife of Never Letting Go : This actually was a DNF so it isn’t so bad. I just couldn’t read past two pages.


7. Anna And The Swallow Man : I won this in a giveaway a while back and I kept trying to read it but something always distracted me.Hopefully I get to it soon.


8. Fall Of Giants : I bought book 2 on a sale without knowing it was book two. Then I went out and got this once I discovered that. But I still haven’t read it. I have a reason for this though, I heard that it has a lot of rapey scenes in it and the author does that unabashedly as a plot point so I’m not so sure I want to read this.


9. Fatherland : I got this because it sounded amazing. But I really don’t like war stories and I kept putting it off till I started wondering why I buy war stories.


10. We Need To Talk About Kevin : Purchased because I wanted to watch the film and read the book before I did but I got around to neither. For shame!

So, what’s your list of books like? Are you as bad as I am? Let me know in the comments below!

Top Ten Tuesdays is a meme started on The Broke And The Bookish where we post a bookish list of ten every tuesday.