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7149021. Noughts And Crosses : I could not get along with this book. I can’t specifically point out one reason why but overall it just felt very contrived and like it was trying too hard. In this story we read about Sephy, a dark skinned cross and Callum, a light skinned nought. Crosses are privileged and this seems to be basically American history reversed and set during the time that slavery was abolished. They used to be friends, now they are in love and the story is sort of social commentary in a “dystopian” world. I read the entire book but rated it one star because it just did not feel convincing to me! The amount of times she mentioned that it was the dark skinned people who were privileged was a little annoying, I get it, I’m not an imbecile! And the couple in question seemed to despise each other more than love each other and I just did not tolerate their little “romance”

They were constantly suspicious of each other and were sure that the other was trying to harm them that at one point i wanted to yell at them to just break up and live their separate lives! Callum is older and you expect him to be more responsible but it seem like Sephy is more civil than he is (sorry, that’s just how it seemed. If they are trying to say that he is the opposite of what people think he is, that didn’t come across) and the beginning “romantic” portion of them kissing was so…..Nevermind. This book just wasn’t for me.

SPOILERY PORTION : If you’ve read this you’ll know what happens that leads to the end and it feels so much like romanticising violence! I cannot believe that this was actually written and approved. It was so triggery for me I felt like throwing up! Will not be reading anything else by the author which is a pity because I already have some of her books. I guess I’ll be disposing those.

51227282. The Girl With The Glass Feet : I thought I had reviewed this, In fact I was sure that I had reviewed this so I have no clue here my review vanished. But I shall try to recall my thoughts and write them down for you. Ida and Midas are the main characters here and the story is about, well, the girl who has glass feet. It is set on this quiet little island where the people who lived there keep living there and hardly anyone new comes in. People leave of course but people coming in isn’t so common so when Ida pops into town and bumps into a few significant people, it causes a bit of a disruption. Not on purpose, but she does affect everyone’s lives and makes them do things they would have otherwise been too scared to do.

I adored how Midas was written. Usually I expect assholes to play main characters, uncaring towards anyone and everyone except to this feathery girl who needs their protection but that wasn’t the case here. He was an ordinary guy with issues and friends and family and he meets this girl whom he knows he might lose and yet gives it a shot, after some trepidation. Ida as well was beautifully written and I have to say, I wish there had been more of her, or more time with her. That’s all I can recall. All in all, the book was a great read and I will probably read it again. I rated it 3.5 stars.

338589053. The End We Start From : I’m not sure what I feel about this book. I didn’t enjoy it, for sure, but I didn’t really hate it. It is the writing style I think, that killed the vibe for me. The story follows a woman who has just given birth at the onset of a war of sorts. It is set in a dystopian world that is post war but we have no clue what is wrong or what is happening. The writing is vague and sort of non descriptive. There is no picture there is no characterisation, just descriptions of things a baby does set in the aftermath of the war.

Having read such vivid and beautiful dystopian and post war stories I found this to be sorely lacking. Surprising because it has great reviews on goodreads. I am sure there is an audience for this book, but for me it was just not alive enough. It felt dry and cold. But then I seem to be in the minority in this opinion so maybe it’s just not my kinda book. On the upside if you like experimental stuff this one is really short so you might give it a try.