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  • Author : Lang Leav
  • Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
  • Genre : YA, Mental Health, Contemporary
  • Source : Netgalley
  • Rating : 2.5/5 Stars

If you didn’t know, Lang Leav is a rather famous poet, her poetry collection is a bit of a favourite among the bookish community and she is constantly on bestseller lists. Now, you can imagine how much I wanted to read this, a poet writing YA, maybe it will finally have that beautiful quality (despite being a contemporary) that I have always missed in the genre, but, alas, this failed me. I guess the problem is that I expected so much of this book, oh so damn much. Granted, I’ve only read a few poems of Lang Leav’s here and there online on poetry websites and yes, not everything took my fancy but I expected poetry to be reflected in her writing and it just felt lacking.

The story is about Audrey, a girl who has a heart of…..lead and tells a lie that ruins someone’s life. She thinks the lie she tells won’t come back to bite her and it doesn’t. But it ruins many lives associated and still, she is completely fine with herself. Of course she has panic attacks about it but I know how bad panic attacks can be and this wasn’t really effectively conveyed. Now, I have anxiety, or rather I had anxiety, so I thought I would be able to relate to her here but her anxiety seems to be negligible in the grand scheme of things or even in the small scheme of things. In fact, if that aspect of her characterisation was removed, it would make no difference to the story.

WHAT I LIKED : It was a really quick read. I took my time reading it but that’s because I started it and marked it as read but didn’t come back to it till maybe a week or so later. It is a quick and easy read, heavy on the dialogue and light on everything else. As far as contemporary YA goes this is one of the few titles I have read but I must admit that I didn’t find myself labouring to finish it. It didn’t feel like a poet was writing it, that way the author is a bit of a chameleon and is able to remove her poet persona completely and write a simple, breezy YA contemporary for lovers of the genre.

WHAT I DISLIKED : The book was begging to be made into a movie. In fact it felt like I was reading a modified movie script as opposed to a good YA book. I felt like I was spending my time reading about wonderful things happening for the most awful people and horrible things happening to the decent people. I mean, she tells this lie that ruins lives and opportunity after opportunity falls into her lap in the most cliché ways till it reaches an ending that is also a bit cliché. I was glad that the ending didn’t go as I expected it to, it was slightly different but it still has all the makings of a commercial chick flick (I have no choice but to use the term here) and for that, I don’t think I will recommend it to anyone who doesn’t normally read YA.

To conclude, I would recommend this for people who enjoy films and books like Shopaholic that are basically for entertainment. I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re thinking , “Hey a poet has written a novel, it must be beautiful and lyrical.” It isn’t. It’s a commercial YA contemporary that’ll make a good one time read.

“Your first love isn’t the first person you give your heart to—it’s the first one who breaks it.”
Sad Girls is the much anticipated debut novel from international best-selling author Lang Leav. A beautifully written and emotionally charged coming of age story, where young love, dark secrets, and tragedy collide.
School is almost out for Audrey, but the panic attacks are just beginning. Because Audrey told a lie and now her classmate, Ana, is dead. Just as her world begins to spin out of control, Audrey meets the enigmatic Rad—the boy who could turn it all around. But will their ill-timed romance drive her closer to the edge?

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*Much thanks to the publishers for approving my review request. Opinions expressed are my own.