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I have been patiently waiting for this but it didn’t look like it was doing to happen so, I decided to chuck it and just see if I can get my hands on the ecopies instead of wait around for the physical copies to reach my local bookstore. I have read, at the time of writing this review, 8 issues and I thought I’d group the reviews in fives since volumes usually come as four or five issues grouped together. I will be giving an overall review instead of individual ones because that might be spoilery and no one wants that!

WHAT I LIKED : First let me talk about the things I loved, starting with the artwork! This is just the same old faces in the Archie comics in a modern sharper avatar. I adore how Betty and Veronica are drawn out, especially Veronica’s short hair. And the way the others are given more edgy makeovers but still retaining their character, like Reggie (ick).

WHAT I DISLIKED : What I didn’t like was the addition of random new characters and the exclusion of the old friendships that were heartwarming. Like female friendships! I kept waiting and waiting for some sigh of female friendships and I gave up around the 7th issue. But since this is about issues 1-5, I will not go there. What I will say is this, if you expect the awesome female friendships that you saw in the originals and in the TV show, forget it. That’s gone, kaput. What’s left is weird new characters, a popular guy, Archie, who used to date weirdo, Betty (as some mean girls said, they will be nice to Betty because Archie is popular. Ridiculous.) and a bunch of friendships that make no sense.

The story just seems weird and illogical. Like what they do in the first issue to get them together does not make any sense when you compare it with later issues and see how people really feel about Betty. It doesn’t add up and that isn’t just it, the random characters included just for the sake of diversity while removing characters that were there and were diverse, sigh. Very disappointing. I didn’t rate this less than 3 stars. On average I’d say the first five issues are an average of 4 stars but there isn’t anything in it for me. I will read the rest that I have so I can finish it in the hopes that some of what I used to love in the old Archie will emerge. If not, I’ll be skipping most of what these authors do.

Have you read these? What did you think?