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I’ve decided to do a top ten Tuesday after a long time. Mainly because I could NOT resist this topic! But I don’t want to include cover images for books I didn’t want to read in case the author gets offended so this will be an image free (maybe GIF filled) post! Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish in June 2010.

1. Books that have real people on the cover.


I don’t have a problem with books that have covers with real people generally. But that generic urban fantasy/paranormal fantasy/YA cover with a girl with long hair in a down, dreaming into the distance with some gold/silver designs around her or lots of smoke. If I see this cover chances are I will remove the book from my list even if it an author I like or a synopsis I was excited for.

2. Author family photos

giphy (1).gif

Yes, there are authors that post pictures of their family instead of themselves on the back cover. More minus points if it covers half the back cover. This is usually done by self publisher or indie authors and it breaks my heart but if I see this, or if I see the author making funny faces or weird expressions on the cover, I am not going to pick up the book. Looks like the author is more concerned about his appearance than about the book itself.

3. The author on twitter

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I read a book I liked, then went to follow the author on twitter and found the language he used was so foul and his sense of humour so misogynistic that I could not tolerate him! Now I can’t read the book again either! So if I notice an author tweeting like this chances are I will skip their book. Same for racism.

4. Books Without A Blurb

giphy (3)

When you buy online this probably isn’t that much of an issue. But imagine, you’re at a bookstore, a gorgeous cover catches your eye in the new releases section. You read the title and it sounds like it would be right up your alley! You read the first few lines, not wanting to let yourself know the story yet, wanting to be surprised. You like it, it seems interesting. Then, you’re finally ready to turn the book over and you do, searching for the blurb. Alas, instead of the blurb, you have a bunch of other author’s quotes, lines from reviews, the new york times, some other publications, whatever, thrust into your face. You flip through and can’t find the blurb anywhere! When this happens, I deflate really quickly and the book immediately goes into my mental “Don’t bother” pile.

5. Male Male Male

giphy (4)

The book SCREAMS “THIS BOOK IS FOR MEN”. Right from the cover to the character to the author’s grinning frat boy looking photo to the description which is again man man man. Yep, I don’t care for Men-lit just like most men would cringe away from chick-lit so if this is the case, I’m skipping it

6. Size

giphy (5)

I’m ashamed to say this but if it is a new author and the book is large, I’m speaking 400 pages and above, I probably won’t pick it up. Because I DNF books at 25% if I don’t like the book, DNFing a book at 25% if it’s 400 to 800 pages will be a lot of time wasted. Instead I’ll wait for a smaller book, a second book maybe, and then decide. The exception to this rule is thrillers since, by definition, thrillers are usually fast paced.

7. Romance that is written by men/seems too pink

giphy (6)

Pink covers, a picture of flowers and shoes on the cover, lipstick or maybe a foul word. A male author. All of these things will put me off romance completely. Especially those that speak of how she finally found a husband. We have enough pressure in real life for this husband nonsense, I don’t want the pressure in books too.

8. Books with bloody faces on the cover

giphy (7)

This one is completely personal. Blood makes me nauseous so just looking at it makes me feel sick. So I’ll probably never pick it up. I’ve missed out on a lot of amazing reads because of this, I am sure, but I guess I’ll get the audiobook.

9. Abusive books/Books with dangerous ideas

giphy (8)

Books that have abusive relationships as romantic or books that support kidnapping or stalking. Even movies (this is a dangerous topic Indian movies excel at). Girls have it hard enough without being told that a man will only hit her because he loves her. Or if a guy says “I can’t control myself around you.” and then rapes her it’s okay because he can’t control himself because she is so beautiful. No, just no. Never. Ever. Going. To. Read. This.

10. Books that are hyped up

giphy (9)

Weird I know. But If a book is hyped up then chances of me reading it are less. I read Binti and didn’t enjoy it at all. Same with a few other books that were hyped up so I think it’s a waste of time to even try to read these books because I expect them to be so much better in my head! I may eventually read them one day but not while they are hyped. Although I have to eat my words a little here because I really want to read The Hate U Give.

Did you do the TTT meme today?