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  • Author : Danielle Steele
  • Publisher : Macmillan
  • Genre : Mystery
  • Source : Publisher
  • Rating : 4 Stars

This is a guest post. Sort of. Dangerous Games is a book about politics and danger, of investigations and women who are awesome, of trust and conspiracies. In this book Danielle Steele shows off two female characters who are absolutely lovely in their own ways. Alix is a tough, kickass, journalist who has no fear and rides into the most dangerous areas without a single worry for her safety. On top of that she is a single mother doing quite an amazing job at raising her child. Olympia is an absolutely lovely woman, a gem of a person who hasn’t stepped out on her own since her husband, a presidential candidate, died. She is inherently good and while dependant on a close confidante, is still her own woman. These two women discover something they shouldn’t and when the come together to take it on, the story takes a rather action packed turn.

The characters, especially the female characters, Alix and Olympia, were very beautifully etched out. Each one different and standing out separately yet complementing each other’s paths perfectly. I do love books that have more than one female protagonist, especially in popular fiction so that made this an automatic win for me. Blame it on reading a lot of Sidney Sheldon while in my teens but I adore strong female characters that don’t think about sacrificing themselves for the men in their lives and this book provided that. Alix in particular i hard to not look up to and root for!

The male characters were ell done too, Ben and Clark are interesting in their own ways and make you want to read more about. What I liked is how the twists were revealed, slowly build up and then BAM! In a way that you’re torn between suspecting it and hoping the character’s suspicions will be prove baseless. (I’m trying not to give spoilers here, it’s so hard!)

The story, while slow paced, is taken at that pace on purpose. Steele slowly builds up her characters, their lives and near and dear before throwing you right into the middle of a secret, a controversy that is potentially dangerous to them and what they hold dear. And while it seems, at the beginning, like a lot of the information in unnecessary it all ties up beautifully together. As with any good commercial bestseller, the pace picks up well as we move through the story, ending with a bang. I (the reader) rather this 4 stars and definitely recommend it for people who like fast paced commercial bestsellers. if you like Scandal and other political shows with secrets aplenty, you will like this.

Television correspondent Alix Phillips dodges bullets and breaks rules to bring the most important news to the world. With her daughter in college, and working alongside cameraman Ben Chapman, an ex-Navy Seal, Alix exhilarates in the risks and whirlwind pace of her work. But her latest assignment puts her at the center of an explosive story that will reshape many lives, including her own: investigating damning allegations involving the vice president of the United States, Tony Clark.

Alix starts with a nationally revered woman who may be the key to exposing frightening secrets. Olympia Foster is the fragile, reclusive widow of America’s most admired senator, who had been destined for the presidency before an assassin’s bullet felled him. Since then, Olympia has found emotional support in Clark, who once wanted her as his wife and now stands as her protector and confidant. When Alix begins to dig deeper, federal agents pick up the trail. Then the threats begin.

As the stakes rise in this dangerous game, Alix needs Ben’s help as never before. Soon they realize they are grappling with an adversary far more sinister than they had imagined . . .

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