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If you liked this

I’m doing an edition of the ‘If You Liked This You Will Like That’ tag only I’m making it a permanent feature. This is sort of like the books to read in pairs tag I did a while back but these aren’t paired off. These are more similar books that you will like if you liked the other book it is paired with.


pair 3

Both of these are similar in length, detail and characteristics. Both of them feature magic although the former features science as well. Each has one male and one female character who are drawn together through some sort of destiny and both have mentors that are “competing” with each other.

The similarities don’t stop there though. Both of them have the same feel and pacing throughout. With ebbs and flows in pacing and tense moments immediately followed by some sort of relaxation, both of the characters are racing against time and it is one of the biggest things that make these similar. Both are also really long novels so make sure you have the time to put in the emotional investment to get lost in these worlds.


pair 2

Alias Grace and Burial Rites both feature a woman who has been accused of a crime. The former is sentenced to life and the latter is sentenced to death. Both of them deny doing any such thing. There are external factors that are “fooled” by them or maybe they really are telling the truth but it cannot be said for sure. Both are set in the past and both have a rather sound ending.

Other similarities include the setting, both are in cold places, in rustic locales where there is great intermingling of society unlike in cold hearted cities. Both feature a man who has something to do with the character in question and both also feature a man, either a priest or a psychiatrist, who is sent to make a evaluation of the criminal’s character. I really enjoyed both though I liked Hannah Kent’s book better than Margaret Atwood’s, which surprised me. But please do read both, they are wonderful.

3. 1984 & THE QUEUE

pair 1

Yes, another 1984 comparison but hey, isn’t that good news for people who liked the book? They aren’t very similar, but they are to some extent. For instance, both of them feature an all seeing government that somehow completely and utterly know what is happening in each and every citizen’s life. They also feature the ironclad hold they have over possible activities. In The Queue the citizens have to stand in line for days on end all to seek permission to do something completely simple and arbitrary. And anyone rebelling somehow vanish.

The consequences of going against the government is also sort of similar and each is horrifying in it’s own way. I definitely won’t say The Queue is inspired by 1984 but then 1984 i sort of the authority of dystopian stories so the similarity will be there. But this is one of my favourite dystopians because it has the slow exhaustion that 1984 has. Only difference is that there is no openly sexual relationship in the latter so for uptight folks like me this ill be perfect.

Have you read any of these? Do you agree with me?