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248743431. Tang Dynasty Poets

I don’t think I can say much about this collection of poetry except that i think a lot was lost in translation. There are times when a poem felt like it had originally had a symmetrical rhythm and somehow in the middle that was a jarring line that broke it but didn’t seem like it was meant to be broken, if you know what I mean. I did like a few poems though, most of them by Li Po. The book consists of poems by three poets, Wang Wei, Li Po and Tu Fu, and they are meant to be celebrated poets of this period. I can’t say I’m a big fan but I probably would have understood the beauty of it all if I had known the language. I rated this 2.5 stars, I didn’t enjoy it much but I think the problem was simply the translation, and there are poems I did enjoy within this collection.

19536001_thumb.jpg2. Sex Criminals Vol 1

I was supposed to write this review a long time ago but I completely forgot, so here it is! Sex Criminals Suzie, a regular old girl who can make time stop when she climaxes. She goes through a few lovers but isn’t particularly experiencing anything notable till she meets Jon who can do the same thing. And instead of using their “powers” for nothing, the decide to rob banks to save the libraries that are shutting down. Honestly, as I write the synopsis now, months after reading it, it sounds absolutely ridiculous but it was hilarious at the time and I absolutely could not stop myself from wishing that they get away with it each time. Maybe share some of the loot with me so i can start my own dream library? I’d recommend this for people who aren’t squeamish about such things. But I am and I don’t think I will read the next volume in the series despite liking this a lot. The art was okay, I can’t say I remember much of it now but I do like how colourful and anime like it was.

23995491.jpg3. Lady Killer Vol 1

Lady killer follows a 60s housewife who is secretly a spy agent. Josie bond if you will. (Rofl). She works for an agency that randomly calls her out on missions to places that only women can get in to tackle mainly male targets. but when her homelife gets in the way of her responding on time to missions, she starts having to deal with a few more problems that she bargained for. The art style is very darker archie comics or maybe darker betty and veronica. It’s sort of an elevated version of my childhood reading with a few things added to fulfil everyone’s dream of having a spy career. I adored this, every aspect of it. I do wish it had one a different route though so I’ve deducted one star for that. But i must say, when this does become available in stores locally, I’ll be grabbing the series asap. For those who haven’t been able to find these there are a few online resources where you pay a nominal amount and enjoy this. I can’t find any updates to the series so I do hope it isn’t discontinued.