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Technically this is stuff that happened this month but hey, March got over this week so here’s my wrapup!

  1. I finished reading Heroines this month an I rated it a solid 4. It’s a non fiction book summarising the lives of 8 powerful women in Indian history and lore. I loved it so much that I immediately requested an interview with the author which will be coming out soon. REVIEW
  2. Then I read Kissing The Demon by Amrita Kumar. This is an indian “instructional manual” on how to go about writing your first novel. Perfect for first time authors and for authors who are looking to move from self publishing to publishing, this one will really help you if you’re looking to break into the Indian writing scene. A really great 5 star rating for this treasure. REVIEW
  3. I Am Big, So What  fulfilled my need for a fun read this month. This is a story following an overweight punjabi woman as she navigates the arranged marriage scene, her first heartbreak and a confrontation with someone she never thought she’d meet again. A fun 3 star. REVIEW
  4. Kafka On The Shore was my choice for the reread of the year and I’m sorta regretting buying it now. I read it on my kindle way back and wanted to get back to it again since I’d really enjoyed but honestly, it was a little boring. I rated it 3 stars for the sake of nostalgia.
  5. Reading Kafka sorta put me in a slump so I thought I’d break it with a fun YA dystopian. Alas, Noughts And Crosses  was the wrong choice for that. I could not stand the characters or the story and finally finished it with a 1 star rating.
  6. Then I read The Mother by Yvvette Edwards. This is a story about a mother (duh) who is at the trial of the boy who murdered her son. With each passing day at court and out of it we find out more about the case and about her son, Ryan and it just breaks your heart. I finished this in a day and rated it 4 stars. Review coming soon.



This interesting new company, Biblichor, contacted me requesting that I share their presence with my readers if I find them interesting and I have to say, they are a little intriguing! The concept is loosely based on the idea of reddit gifts, but just for books. A form is filled, matching is conducted, packages are sent and books are read. I was wondering what would happen if someone doesn’t get their book or if a fake participant is found and they have an answer for that too!

They require you to send them the tracking number and shipment proof. If the gifter does not submit their tracking number + shipment proof, their respective gifter will immediately be asked to retract the shipment (if it is possible). After this, they will be blocked from future exchanges and this particular shipment will be sent to the giftee. In case it is not possible to retract the shipment, then the giftee who hasn’t received the gift yet will be sent a gift by our team with extra extra love!

The do charge 50RS to participate which is what put me off because it seemed more like an easy way to make money but they claim that this cost ensures a participant’s commitment to the process and that if a particular giftee does not receive their gift, their book comes from our team. This cost ensures that no participant remains without a book in their hand. So if you are interested and based in India click on their name up top and have fun!


I read a lot of interesting posts this week/month (and I’d like to think I posted a few as well) so I’m listing them below!

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From me : I’ve posted about some new translated works from the newest Indie Publisher I’ve discovered and if you’re interested, a post on some awesome Apps For Writers.

How did your month go?