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I’m Big, So What is a book I’ve known about a while since I follow the author on twitter. But I never really thought of picking it up because I don’t read romances, especially Indian romances. (Not because Indian romances are in any way beneath western ones, because they have a lot of bollywood references and I just don’t watch bollywood). But after reading a few heavy books I wanted something light and fun to read and somehow, the author asked if I’d like to review her book at that time! I decided to take the plunge and here I am to review a fun little read that you can fly through in a breeze!

In I’m Big So What we follow Roli Kapoor as she makes her way through the arranged marriage scene, meetings and what not, as a plus sized woman. She’s just recovering from a bad breakup, one where she’s still coming to terms with the way it ended, and she has already been pushed into the arranged marriage market by her mother and a nosy aunty. The book actually opens with her moving into a new place and we know that something has happened to make her leave her cushy home where she is pampered and provided for. Now she is left to take care of everything herself, including covering up a toddler’s scribbles in her new home and it does leave her a bit overwhelmed.

What I liked about this story was the absolutely light and easy way the author takes us through typical issues someone who doesn’t fit the societal norm of “beautiful” might have. We are introduced to the way people look at plus sized women and at the way they are made fun of and traumatised through their childhood without actually being emotionally exhausting. The author weaves these things into the plot eventually resolving them in an absolutely fun manner. She confronts bullies from her past, prejudices her closest confidants might have and even her own insecurities in herself.

There are things here are typical in every romance novel (that I know from my brief dalliance with them). A man saves the day but not before she resolves to not let him save the day, there’s the hurtful ex and of course the argument with the protagonist’s closest companions that really resolve themselves with no effort whatsoever or with a tremendous dramatic statement. Yes, there are also extremely filmy moments but thankfully no bollywood movie references so I was able to get things without any googling.

The book made for a quick and breezy read. I finished it in an hour and a half, reading while having my dinner so it should be perfect for those travelling days where you want to get in and out without having to get too emotionally involved. I’d definitely recommend this to typical romance readers and younger audiences since it is pretty much a clean romance. My rating is 3/5 stars.


Is it only in India where people don’t realize that starting a conversation with, “Oh, you’ve put on weight!” is incredibly rude? Perhaps I should respond with “Oh, you’ve become uglier!” so they get the point.
From stores that do not stock clothes my size to unsolicited advice from neighbourhood aunties, my life—quite annoyingly—is ruled by the numbers on the scale.
What’s the big deal about being big? You may wonder. Well, quite a lot, actually. For starters, you get dumped by the only man you’ve ever loved, social situations go from awkward to embarrassing within seconds, and don’t even get me started on the family’s never-ending search for a suitable groom. They just don’t make men my size these days!
Nevertheless, here I am, about to meet Suitor No. 7. Begrudgingly, of course. Ride along as I navigate the crazy arranged marriage market. And trust me, it’s crazier when you’re more than a little curvy.

*I received a review copy in exchange for my honest review

Available for purchase on Amazon India and Flipkart.