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Otherwise known as The Women On The 6th Floor.

I didn’t realise just how beautiful Spanish women really are!

Moving on.

Les femmes du 6e étage is a beautiful French film directed by Philippe Le Guay. The description on IMDB was “In 1960s Paris, a conservative couple’s lives are turned upside down by two Spanish maids.” which is why I was waiting for the funnies to start but it never came. That’s because the description is wrong. As is the genre. I didn’t find much comic about this!

The story is about Maria, a Spanish maid who comes to France to join her aunt as a maid. The night she comes another maid, someone who’s worked with Mr and Mrs Joubert (Sandrine Kiberlain) for 25 plus years, quits and leaves because of a rather serious disagreement. That’s when Mrs.Joubert’s friends tell her that French maids are passé, Spaniards are the way to go now. Mrs.Joubert sets off to the HQ/Union or whatever it’s called and hires Maria.

Yes, their lives are turned upside down but not because of some “Lost in translation” mess but because of the beauty of Maria and the feelings she(and through extention the other maids) evoke in him. Mr.Joubert (Fabrice Luchini) feels a sense of responsibility, a sense of causing a social change and of being a better man.

I really did enjoy this film. It never lagged anywhere, it never felt like something was off and it was all presented so beautifully on screen that soon, I was mesmerised. Hats off to Maria (played by Natalia Verbeke) who kept you excited through each and every scene. (I confess I might have developed a little girl crush. I wish I had her smile!) and Mrs.Joubert was such an excellent choice for the class obsessed wife! She’s sweet but her bird like actions somehow portray that character perfectly.

If I didn’t like anything it was the creepy age difference between Maria and Jean Louis Joubert. It sort of ruined the romance for me. But then I’m an ageist! What can be done about that?

Go watch this movie. This instant. Buy a copy. You’ll watch it many more times.