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I’m assuming this has a lot of American references that only super intelligent or perceptive people will get….or americans will get. As for me I don’t understand why this was said to be a “beautiful and haunting tale”.

A bunch of girls who lived in massively controlling family kill themselves one after the other. It’s very obvious why, their parents are horrible and try to control every single thing that they do to the point that it feels like the only way to getaway is by dying. (This may seem controlling for most families abroad but this is sort of normal in India so I don’t get it at all!)

Why is this beautiful? I don’t understand. Narrated from the pov of one of the boys in the same neighbourhood as these girls, probably one living exactly opposite, the narration is the only thing that made me want to finish reading The Virgin Suicides.

Why exactly is this book such a hyped read? I don’t understand. Someone tell me! I honestly found it terribly boring, the characters not remotely interesting. The only thing I enjoyed was the narration which was a little different.

Review is miniscule because I’m still unable to get my thoughts on this organised after a whole month since reading it. A pity because this was my introduction to the author. I just don’t get it.