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Do you remember my book buying ban? Because it looks like I certainly didn’t. But hey, let’s ignore the temporary lapse in judgement and enjoy that bounty that is mine!


  1. Susan Hill – The various haunts of men (my first Susan Hill and I’m super psyched for it)
  2. Deborah Levy – Swimming home
  3. Kate Atkinson – When will there be good news
  4. Clare Makintosh – I Let You Go
  5. Eowyn Ivey – The Snow Child
  6. Sarah Waters – Affinity

And these are my newer purchases. As in new books. Not more recent purchases.


  1. Mary Kingsley- A Hippo Banquet
  2. Jane Austen – Lady Susan
  3. Johann Peter Hegel – How a ghastly story was brought to light by a this title is so long I’m not going to bother.
  4. Herman Melville- The Maldive Shark.
  5. Vayu Naidu – The Sari Of Surya Vilas (I’m super excited for this one. It’s historical fiction set in Madras in 1909. And it’s from an independent publisher)
  6. Michel Faber – Under The Skin

That’s all folks. I cannot wait to get started on these. Do you see any favourites?