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original_resize_720_360No one tagged me to do this. i’m inviting myself to the party because THAT’S HOW COOL I AM OKAY!

So Queen i one of the first rock bands I fell in love with (the actual first was Led Zeppelin) so when I saw this tag on Zeezee’s blog I couldn’t help but pause my blog hopping and do this tag. Here goes!

Bohemian Rhapsody — A work that you feel successfully tells the story from multiple points of view.


I have to go for the same book she has gone for, Game Of Thrones. Though it was too intense for me at first, it later got easy to keep up with the various POVs and make the reading experience so much richer. And Martin makes it SO MUCH HARDER to pick sides! Although Arya rocks. Ahem.

We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions — A series, or author you follow and support the way a sports fan supports their favourite team.


There are two. Series : The Vikramadithya Series by Shatrujeet Nath. I’ve reviewed both book one and book two and I’m already dying for book three. And of course, Harry Potter. But ONLY the original seven. Nothing else.

Don’t Stop Me Now — A work you cannot put down.


I couldn’t stop reading Ruins by Rajith Savanadasa or The Girl With The Lowerback Tattoo by Amy Schumer. One is about a Sri Lankan family and the POV expertly jumps from person to person and the other is a memoir by the comedian Amy Schumer. If you don’t like her comedy though, you won’t like this book. Both were wonderful reads that I completely enjoyed or related to!

Killer Queen — A dominant or bad ass female character.


Can I say Cersie Lannister? Oh how I adore her! I know I know, she’s incestuous evil villain who murders people and watches little children fall from heights with glee and kills pregnant women and their unborn foetuses but SHE IS SO BADASS!. Especially that last season finale? Damn girl! If I werent rooting for Arya Stark I’d be rooting for you!  (img : wikia)

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love — A work that includes a ridiculous and/or forced relationship.


Passenger. You can read my review here but they felt like best friends or brother and sister and making them get together just felt wrong! It’s one of the books that turned me off YA.

Under Pressure (ft. David Bowie) — A work you were pressured to read (by a teacher, peer, or Booktube)


The Colour Purple and I have to say it was a brilliant bit of pressure. I broke down and cried. But it was the best bit of peer pressure I’ve had! If you haven’t read it you must. I’m peer pressuring you now.

I Want to Break Free — A pioneering feminist work.

Hmmm. Unfortunately I know none. I’ve only recently started reading feminist books so I can’t say I’ve read any pioneering books. But if you have a recommendations please leave them in the comments section.

Radio Gaga — A dystopian work that makes you uneasy, because you feel its predictions are or will be correct.


1984? Cell 7? Cell 7 because there’s a TV show here where people come to air out their domestic difficulties and everyone discusses who is right and wrong and the host makes them apologise or make amends based on their “faults” but I find it nauseating and disgusting and the fact that people in my apartment watch and discuss it with thrill is horrible. Could happen you know!

I Want It All — An author or collection you want to own in their entirety.


The penguin little black classics. They say you always want what you can’t have and NOT ONE STORE near me has these. I only have one store near me but it doesn’t have these at all! I have to drive for for one hour if I want to get my hands on these. It just seems too much work! So I hope it’s available online where the shipping doesn’t cost twice the amount the book costs. (Img : amazon)

Innuendo — The most suggestive line in literature (like an innuendo).

Um. I can’t think of any. I’m bad at catching these but if I do i’ll edit the post.

I’m Going Slightly Mad — A work you enjoy for its eccentricity.





Bad Monkeys. Yes, I know. This is weird and not many people like this but I really enjoyed it when I read it. Don’t know if I’ll like it now. Also book one of the Exponential Apocalypse series. That was brilliant.

The Show Must Go On — A work you enjoyed that was posthumously released.


A Manual For Cleaning Women by Lucia Berlin. This is a brilliant collection of short stories that the author had written in her lifetime. She wasn’t celebrated then but they recently released this and she’s been called America’s best kept secret. So, grab it now!

Playlist — What are your favorite Queen songs?

This is more difficult to answer than the rest of them. But if I had to pick, Show Must Go On. Want To Break Free. We are the champions, we will rock, crazy little thing and killer queen. These are ones I cannot do without!

Do you like Queen? If you do please do this tag!