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I was tagged by the lovely Anushka over at Going Through Books  to do what looks like a chilled out and fun tag! Here we go!


Name A Book with Family Goals


I’m going to have to steal her answer and say The Weasley family. I cannot imagine a safer space to be in and with my family being so……wide apart (in different parts of the world) I miss having huge family time. Moreover, Molly is just such awesomeness.


Name a book with a werewolf


I don’t think I know any apart from twilight and Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban so I’m going for the latter. Afterall, Lupin is everything.


Name A Kind of Food in A Book that You Wish was Real


Well, Butterbeer for one. Not the cavity creatingly sweet ones we come up with but a softer milder version? I cannot tolerate sweet things. Also maybe Pumpkin Pasties. Ones that are easily available and not hard to make. Haha.


Name Your Favourite Creature from A Book


Hmmm, the Badgers from Narnia? Well the movie version so I s’pose they don’t count. How about a Niffler? technically while these are from Harry Potter I like them after watching Fantastic Beasts so I’m pretty excited about them. Nifflers it is!


A Character that Makes a Significant Change to the Plot Since He/She Did Something too Many Times

I can’t think of an answer for this……Maybe Voldemort? No…I don’t know.


Name A Toy or Game in A Book that You Liked to Read About


Definitely Wizards Chess or Quidditch. I’m rather athletic so I assume I’d be good at it. Maybe I could be a chaser? Sigh. I have too much time and imagination in my hands.


Name A Book Which You Feel is the Best to Read in Autumn


This entire tag is just me screaming Harry Potter. How sad. So I think I’ll pick thrillers. Not a book per se but a genre that I love reading during the “colder” months here. Especially ones that are set in cold climates


Name Your Favorite Festival in A Book

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I bet everyone will say Christmas but since I don’t celebrate Christmas it really isn’t that interesting to me? So I’m going with none. Sorry!!!

I TAG : Nthato from ascribetodescribe, ZeeZee, Orangutan Librarian and Oz Book Snail.