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cover104326-mediumEveryone has heard of, or atleast seen one of Sarah Andersen’s doodles. It’s been shared across every social media platform available and unless you’ve lived under a rock, you would have seen, read, maybe even saved one of these. I didn’t have the pleasure of reading Adulthood Is A Myth so the second I saw this was available to read on Netgalley, I scrambled to read it immediately. In fact I dropped everything else I had and started reading this. And it did not disappoint.


The art, in signature Sarah Doodles style, was black and white and absolutely adorable. There really isn’t much to say since everyone would have seen this by now but she does a series of panelled comics with characters that speak about life, books, hair and fashion. And each one is distinctive and easy to love.

There is no story. These are sort of like the funnies of years gone by. Each strip is funny and relatable while speaking about things that every one of us has gone through in out lives. She keeps it light and funny while hinting at deeper things as well keeping this appropriate for most ages.

There isn’t much to say about Sarah’s doodles except that I loved them. And I will probably buy every book of hers and prop them up on my coffee table to flip through whenever I’m feeling a little down in the dumps. If you enjoyed Adulthood is a myth you’d probably enjoy this too.

I received a copy via netgalley in exchange for an honest review, opinions expressed are my own.