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Bookish services are growing everyday and it makes me so happy to read about things like this when usually all we hear about is how the budget for libraries is getting smaller and about how yet another beautiful bookstore has shut down. And while Amazon is well and good it doesn’t have that community feeling that bookstores and libraries exude. This is where bookish websites come in! Services like Library Thing and Goodreads are very well known to everyone but what about smaller, more fledgling services that may just have a lot to offer?

Shelfjoy is yet another bookish service that lets you keep track of books you like, recommend and want the whole world to read. It also lets you keep track of books that other people recommend from their reading life. Right from the founders to anyone else in the world, anyone can add a shelf with a title and a theme (favourites? poetry you liked? books that are worth the hype?) and with a click of a button you can share it with the world!

I didn’t know about it till I was contacted to check it out and I jumped right in! I started off making a short story collection shelf with my current favourite as the icon. You type in the book name/author name/ISBN; add the book, add a reaction (like the facebook ones) and then save your own notes on the book. I added about 7 books to mine, some of the newer books released in India wasn’t on there so I have one less book than I wanted on my Short Story shelf but I suppose that’ll be added as and when it becomes popular internationally.

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As you can tell, if you follow me on social media, I’ve used my twitter login. You can also add other services to your Shelf Joy account like Instagram though I don’t think you can log in using Insta. I used that to load an image from my Instagram for my new shelf of short stories on Shelfjoy and it is so helpful for Bookstagrammers like me! Apart from making your own shelves you can also follow shelves that Shelfjoy curates and others share, add your reactions to the books they’ve read and add books they’ve recommended to your own reading list.

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As for looking for recommendations, you can choose the genre you want and search according to the mood that suits you or you can pick from the curated shelves that are already available. For instance, you can check out David Bowie’s reading list, Graphic novels that will show you the world or (my personal favourite) Graphic novels that are set in India. A click of a button takes you to Amazon USa where you can instantly buy the book you’ve just been recommended. It’s really easy to find out what you’re going to pick next and I love that it is organised so neatly.

If you don’t particularly feel like making a twitter to login or adding a whole new service (though I urge you to make an exception here) you can always use their adorable bot to chat with on Facebook Messenger! Unfortunately I couldn’t test out this service as I don’t have a facebook account.

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I will definitely continue using Shelfjoy, they may not have an app yet but I’m sure they’ll get there soon enough. This is almost like a Pinterest for books where you can follow shelves instead of boards and I adore the idea (Speaking of, they also have a Pinterest). If you want to follow my Shelfjoy, click here and let me know your account so I can follow you!

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