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I always have an audiobook on my phone now, either a free one or one I got when I was subscribed to audible. But then my subscription ran out and the prices were a little higher than what I, as an Indian who has to calculate exchange rates, was comfortable paying. So I stuck with my free audiobooks from open source places and let it go. Then one day I got an email introducing me to eStories. eStories is an audiobook service that allows customers to choose from over 80,000 bestselling titles and new releases. You can get your first free audiobook download now.
Untitled-1The website is pretty easy to navigate with editors recommendations and newest releases taking pride of place on the homepage. You also have an option to shortlist audiobooks in your wishlist and then pick one to buy, which is what I did to keep track on the ones I was interested in. And the prices…! It was quite a bit cheaper than audible, and even cheaper when it came to membership rates! Not to mention there is a free audiobooks trial.



As you can tell from the picture above, there are three membership plans. Basic, Plus and Premium. If I were to pick I’d naturally go for the plan in the middle, Plus, since that seems perfect for me. I do listen to quite a few audiobooks afterall.

Additionally, eStories:

  • Is the most affordable service out there at $11.95/month, and for a limited time you get your first audiobook for free.
  • works with ALL devices from ALL brands
  • one account can connect to up to 10 devices so you can start on one and pick up listening on another
  • unlimited cloud storage lets you transfer and upload your existing library to your new eStories account
  • 80%+ audiobooks are DRM-free so you are free to do what you want with them.

I finally, after much deliberation, picked The Queue by Basma Abdel Aziz. It was perfect at the time because not only was it DiversAThon, the book also hadn’t released in India. YAY! (I was debating between three books and finally picked this because those two were to be released here soon.) Once you click purchase, (or pick an audiobook for free) you can download the book as a zip file and then you just have to load it onto your audiobook player. In my case that was iBooks. (Note : This was 15 something $ as opposed to audible which is 21 $).


They have an iOS app as well as an Android one to make listening much easier. I chose to download to my device and listen since I was going to listen on the go. You can go 30 seconds forward or back in case you missed anything or want to speed through a particularly….long portion. It also features playback speeds upto 3x times! You can also add bookmarks which can later be viewed for reference and you can rate and review it directly from the device. Basically it has everything you’ll need.

I’m very pleased with the app, especially with the prices. I’d probably pick this over certain other places because it seems to be cost effective and is convenient.
I’m super glad they contacted me to do a post on them else I wouldn’t have gotten to know them as soon as I did! Click HERE to go to their website and check them out. You can also follow eStories on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram as well.