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71b u0f38NLThink With Me by Subrata Roy Sahara of Sahara India Pariwar is a far cry from the kind of books I normally read but in the interest of expanding my horizons, I decided to give it a go. The book is divided into five sections; Electoral System and Leadership, Population, Education System, Media and Religion, finally finishing with a ‘Humble Appeal’ to readers to write to him if ever we disagree with anything he has outlined in the pages of this book.

The book starts off with the rather optimistic goal of trying to make India an ideal country and outlines his own opinions on how that can be achieved. In each chapter he mentions the problems in said department and lists out an action plan that he believes will help in resolving the issue.

For instance, in the chapter of Education System he says,The original education system of our country was terribly affected during the Mughal period, and then the British period. They formulated the education system afresh with a view to generate blind supporters. They needed clerks and not administrators, and the education system was planned on those lines.”

He goes on to talk about how this has to be changed if we are to ever leave the blindly serving mind-set and actually develop our own potential. I absolutely have to agree with him on this part. If I recall my history lessons they all only served to teach me how great the British were and how colonisation was actually a gift because Indians were barbaric savages. It turns out customs and culture into a farce of what it actually is and strives to make us ashamed of who we are and this definitely has to be changed.

While I agree with him on this topic, in other places we hardly do. For example in the instance of population, he mentions how he decided to has a family planning operation on his wife. Yes, not on him, but on his wife. Taking away a woman’s rights over her own body is not something I am okay with. The rest of the chapter is mostly based on China’s communist ideals, which he says are the ideal way to handle our overpopulation problem. It may be so, it may not be so, but he is certainly right in saying we need less people per square acre of land if we are to go anywhere close to being a developed country and to that end I agree with him.

This book achieved what it set out to do, while you may not agree with him, you certainly will start wondering how issues can be solved and that is something that we need sorely. For people to start thinking about things instead of blindly following what the popular crowd is doing. If I have a very specific gripe with this book that isn’t content related, it’d be that the language was a little too pompous. Simpler language would serve to make this more accessible. Right now it sounds like an economics major’s forte.

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I was sent a review copy in exchange for my honest thoughts. Opinions expressed are my own.