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The Girl In 6E is apparently an erotic thriller! This is the first of its kind for me. And I didn’t even know erotic thrillers existed! Now, if you’ve followed me for a while of if you know me you’ll know I hate erotica. It’s just not for me, even remotely so I was worried that this might not be interesting but it was so well done that I didn’t even notice the bits that were supposed to be erotica! Phew! On to the review!!!

This follows a girl, Deanna Madden aka Jessica Reilly, a cam girl who has sentenced herself to imprisonment in her apartment. No, she isn’t agoraphobic, she’s got homicidal tendencies and she just wants to make sure that she doesn’t murder anyone accidentally on purpose. This isn’t technically helping so to top it off she also has to make sure that she doesn’t open the door even for deliveries so that she doesn’t stab the delivery person! Yep, it’s that bad. So she makes her living by camming from her apartment, the money coming to her account and doing all her shopping online. She even has a psychiatrist but they only talk on the phone. She seems to have everything sorted but them, a client, a particularly creepy client, has done something and she has to do something to save the little girl in danger.


The main character isn’t the only POV we get but since the story is based on her, we shall focus on her. The author has done a pretty good job with this, especially in showing her as someone who is in a constant struggle with herself. She doesn’t want to give in to her tendencies but is probably going to lose her mind this way. And while she tries to protect others from her she is constantly trying to justify situations where she can kill someone and get away with it. And as for the erotica, as a cam girl she doesn’t really seem to be enjoying her job. It’s more like, in and out, fifteen minutes gives me this much money, kind of a interaction. Yes she is great at faking it, else she wouldn’t be as popular as she is. But it is shown as precisely that, interactions as opposed to erotica. It is very explicit though, you’ve been warned.

The story itself was well paced with tiny chapters and speedy narration. Yes there were lags as there is bound to be in any book but none of it felt unrealistic. When she runs off to save the girl she is shown for exactly what she is, a selfish person who is running to get her appetite satisfied. Yes, she cares for the girl but given her job and her means of interaction with the suspect she is not sure she will be taken seriously. These two combined is a very interesting play on what is driving her.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It was a 3.5 star read for me and I’ll probably grab her other books (I think there are two more in the series) when I see them. It wasn’t great enough for me to put a halt to my everyday and rush out to get it (it is also not released in India so I’ll have to hunt used bookstores that import excess copies and the like). But I will definitely pick up her other books when I see them.

22944346Deanna Madden, aka Jessica Reilly, hasn’t touched another person in three years. She hasn’t left her apartment. She makes money from performing to webcams on a sex site, where her clients pay $6.99 a minute for her time. She’s doing alright. The dollars are piling up in the bank. She’s the number 3 model on cams.com. And she hasn’t killed anyone for years. But when Deanna sees on the news that a little girl called Annie has gone missing, the story rattles her carefully ordered world. It’s uncomfortably similar to the dark fantasy of one of her most disturbing online clients. She’s convinced he’s responsible for the girl’s abduction – but no one will listen to her. So, after three years, Deanna finally leaves the apartment. And this is what happens…

Available for purchase in Book Depository and Wordery.