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Let's_Eat_2-p1For those of you who follow Korean dramas, the Lets Eat series needs no introduction. It was supposed to end with season 1 but through popular demand a second season was created where the main character, Dae Young, food blogger and insurance king, moves to a new city and has to make new connections there. This season features a whole new set of actors except the main one, at the beginning through there’s a few minutes of two older side characters wondering why Dae Young moved and why he broke up with his girlfriend. This seems like a token explanation and lead into the new season which starts off randomly.

This new season features Yoon Doo-Joon as Koo Dae-Young, Seo Hyun-Jin as Baek Soo-Ji (neighbour), and Kwon Yool as Lee Sang-Woo(neighbour’s colleague).

And for secondary characters it has Kim Hee-Won as Im-Taek Soo (Dae Young’s Sunbae), Hwang Suk-Jung as Kim Mi-Ran (Dae Young’s landlord), Jo Eun-Ji as Hong In-A (Sand Woo’s colleague), Hwang Seung-Un as Hwang Hye-Rim (someone who works in the neighbourhood and becomes friends with them), Lee Joo-Seung as Lee Joo-Seung (yes I read that twice too) and Kim Ji-Young as Lee Jeom-Yi (the neighbourhood friendly grandmother).

While the case was great I did have a problem with Sang Woo’s casting. The character seemed too old to have such a young looking actor and though he’s supposed to be older than Dae Young he looked quite a few years younger. Apart from that everyone does a fantastic job even though the characterisation was a bit of a caricature at times. The storyline lacked ridiculous melodrama which I absolutely despise and the story itself goes smoothly for the most part.

On the flipside, the food portions, which is why most people love this drama, seemed way too much. In fact at mot places it randomly cuts into the storyline and we spend 5 to 10 minutes looking at close up shots of food and eating which just put me off completely. I’d be crying one second and then fast forwarding the next in frustration. And the secondary characters’ storyline just felt way dramatized only to result in an absolute snub. And in one or two portions women’s safety seems to be a point of humour(?) which was just repulsive.

All in all I enjoyed this but I don’t think this was better than season one. While I probably will rewatch both seasons again, the first one was a definite pleasure and the food seemed part of the story. Season two seems to have been made just for the food alone and that is something I did not enjoy. 6.5/10 stars, recommended for people who hate melodrama and are looking for something fun and chill to watch.