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1420717755338266592_2178434400Or you could call it the last bookish purchase of 2016. Whichever way you’d like to look at it, HERE IS MY HAUL!!! REVEL IN THE GLORY!

  1. The Loney – I got this because Jean from Jean’s Bookish Thoughts mentioned it a while back and also I needed a horror for my Book Riot reading challenge. I know this isn’t classic horror but one has to start somewhere right? This follows two brothers, one mute and the other sort of his caretaker, as they make a yearly trip to a place called The Loney. Years later the mute brother is fine but a body is uncovered in the Loney and things become….horrifying? I’m not too clean on what the story is but it sounds great!
  2. Hotel Iris – If you’ve read my review of The Housekeeper And The Professor you’ll know that while I enjoyed the writing the Math just went over my head. I’ve heard so many good things about Ogawa’s more messed up writing and added Hotel Iris to my wishlist. It was very kindly given to me as a bonus for my purchases. This tory follows a young girl as she becomes involved with a middle aged man who was kicked out of her mum’s hotel for soliciting the services of a prostitute. Somehow this kid is intrigued by him and starts visiting him at his place. Sounds really odd right? I can’t wait!
  3. Shock, Robin Cook Robin Cook books are sort of what I read in my late teens, along with Patterson and Sidney Sheldon, etc. So naturally whenever I feel like reading something light and easy I grab one of them. PS. I really thought Sheldon and Cook were female, when I found they weren’t….so disappointed. Nothing much to say about this by way of plot because I didn’t check, but I imagine it involves the medica field and a few errant practitioners?
  4. The Elegance Of The Hedgehog   A talented and cultured concierge hides her knowledge and plays her part in front of the tenants in her building. A young girl plans to attempt suicide on her thirteenth birthday but somehow the death of another tenant changes their lives forever. The cover says it sold 5 million copies worldwide……has to be good!
  5. Ox Tales, Fire – This is a short story collection featuring authors like Jeanette Winterson, Lionel Shriver, Mark Haddon etc. It’s supposed to have been done for charity. And has a reasonable rating on goodreads. I believe this is part of a four elements series? Air, Water, Fire and Earth. I haven’t gotten the others because the authors on this cover interested me the most.
  6. Snow Flower And The Secret Fan – This book needs no introduction. Most people would have watched or atleast heard of the movie. I want to watch it, desperately so….but need to read the book first. Thank god I’ve finally gotten my hands on it. This features female friendships, secret languages and the horrors of foot binding. Hmmm.
  7. The Improbability of LoveThings I know about this, it involves the art world, it involves a priceless, presumed to be lost, painting, a woman who is way out of her depth and is intent of getting over a worthless man. Also, this was shortlisted for the Baileys Women’s prize. Need I say more? Also I’m really glad I got this cover and none of the other ugly ones.
  8. How To Be  VictorianDo I really need to explain why I got this? As if my anglophila weren’t already bad……I’m now trying to be Victorian. Kidding. It seemed like a very fascinating read. And Jen Campbell mentioned it and we all know that if Jen Campbell mentions something we have to get it.
  9. The Girl In 6EThis is one of the books I’m most excited for. If follows a sort of agoraphobic (or maybe she’s just not interested in going outside) internet sex star who is able to connect a kidnapping with a weird fetish one of her online clients has. But no one will take her seriously so she has to go out of her house for the first time in years to do something about it. Sounds amazing right? I’ll be reading this next.

All the books above are available for purchase on Book Depository or Wordery.

Have you gotten any books in the new year? What are then? Talk to me, baby!