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2016 isn’t over yet and I know or rather, I hope) I have atleast one more amazing read this year but this is a good time to wrap up and add my favourite books to the list so I can share it with you folks!


The Virginity Of Famous Men


As far as short stories go, this is one of the best collections I’ve read this year. The Author, Sneed, writes with an eloquence that’s hard to find, almost like an emotional anthropologist. Rather than cultures, she focuses on emotions and situations and it is stunning to read and to see unfold. She seems to be an expert at putting herself in others’ shoes. You will wonder about things in your own life, about people and about their situations. A must read if there ever was one.

Sum : Forty Tales From The Afterlife


These are stories, musings and thoughts really, about the afterlife, what it could possibly be, is it heaven and hell or is it something else? Is god real? Is he a he? Is he or she pleased with us? Do we all go to the same heaven? It isn’t philosophical but it certainly is thought provoking. Hilarious at times and absolutely interesting. I cannot express how absolutely beautiful this book is, each story makes you wonder, makes you think and makes you grateful for what you have right now or fills you with despair for what is to come. I love Eagleman’s mind and cannot wait to read what else he releases.

The High Priestess Never Marries


“Oh this was such a beautiful read.” Are the words I kept repeating each time I came across a particularly lyrical line or an unreasonably insightful paragraph. The stories are similar, with themes of love and loss and despair and finally resignation but none of them are repetitive. And the biggest advantage (and disadvantage) of this collection is her unabashed use of Tamil and literal translations of certain things. You will adore these if you understand them but if you don’t they’ll leave you confused. I’d still recommend these highly.

Apart from these I also really enjoyed The Tiny Wife and A Manual For Cleaning Women. Both of which I thoroughly enjoyed but I’m only including books that jumped into my mind the second I wondered what the best books I read this year were.



1411285837311934950_2178434400This was a magnificently written debut based in Sri Lanka. We follow a family of four and their maid as they are affected by each other’s behaviour and their sorrows. I adore how beautifully and clearly he;s written each of the five POVs and the story itself is sort of an every family’s story. I don’t have one negative word to say about the story and this is so fresh and clear in my mind. Rajith Savanadasa is definitely an author to keep an eye out for.

Where’d You Go Bernadette 


Another fantastic read and NO I refuse to shelve this in women’s fiction. Not until someone comes up with Men’s fiction anyway. This is hilarious and heart warming and absolutely brilliant. The character, Bernadette, is so well written and is beautiful quirky in her own way. As is the writing. Semple has a new fan in me and I’m dying to read her other books.

Apart from these I also read Show Me A Mountain (which really got me interested in reading Kerry Young’s other books. Her writing is simple and compelling, very enjoyable) and The Versions Of Us which blew my mind. I cannot imagine how she managed to write such a complex book and still made it easily readable for us.


The Girl With The Lowerback Tattoo

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I’ve raved about this enough so there’s no need for me to say anymore. But this is one of the best memoirs I’ve ever read and I have actually become a fan of Schumer after reading this. She’s absolutely hilarious and brilliantly self deprecating. You either get her sense of humour or you don’t and if you don’t, skip this. I do and I adored this!

I also enjoyed Furiously Happy which was another amazing book.

That’s all for part one! I will part two soon. Tell me which of these you’ve read or are looking forward to reading!