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I may be a little biased in my review of The Untold Chronicles: Book 1 : Inferno because it was sent to me by a friend who is Abhishek, the awesome illustrator I interviewed here. But I shall do my best to keep my thoughts as neutral as possible. Having said that, I loved this book. (4/5 stars)


The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a set of villages have come under “military” rule because of the machines. Nothing much is said about these machines except in a small blurb at the last page so I’d suggest reading that before starting off on the story; else you might be confused.

We follow two young boys, Anouk and Helozu, as they set out for a hunt to sell to the “richer” folks so they may earn wages for a whole week and feed themselves. Their disapproval at being treated like slaves is palpable but so is the feeling of helplessness. Nothing can be done to change the situation as they say, and so they must continue working as they do to please the privileged class. As the hunt progresses one of them comes across a dangerous discovery that gets them into trouble. I’ll leave it there. No spoilers.


I absolutely adored the artwork. It is simple and clear with a sort of rough, rustic-ness about it. Even though it’s done in black and white, with no colour, the strokes are bold and the characters distinct. The illustrator has done a pretty good job of showing the atmosphere of the village life in his artwork. As for the writing, I had to read it a couple of times to get thins clear. I wish the blurb on the last page was actually on the first and I wish we sort of had an introduction to ease us into the story. It is hard to understand what’s going on or what references to culture they are making unless explained so, I hope further issues take that into account.

This is just an issue length, not a volume length, so I finished it in record time. And I’m definitely keen on picking up the next book when it’s out. As of now I have no links for you to purchase this but they’ll be updated on the Goodreads page so click here to follow that.