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28933085This is going to be a really short review and I apologise to the author and publisher for that but I couldn’t really write more about this and you’ll know why in a minute.

The Lonely Life Of Biddy Weir is a story that, for as long as I managed to read it, was a 4 star book. It follows a young girl, Biddy Weir, who is a bit of a weirdo. Her mother left right after she gave birth to her and Biddy is left alone with her old father and his boring mother. The story starts off with a grown up Biddy making a call to a television station to talk about the topic of the show, bullying. The synopsis had me really intrigued, it says that she is a woman who got back up again and learned to love herself so I instantly requested it on netgalley.

Alas, I was unable to finish it. Now this is not a problem with the book or the story or the writing, it is simply a problem with me being unable to cope with the subject. I was bullied rather badly myself, by characters that are pretty similar to the ones in this book and I thought I was over it and would be able to read it, but I could not. And for that, I apologise. It got too much for me at the 40% mark so technically I shouldn’t even be writing this review but I will, to give the book and the author their due.

The writing was absolutely lovely, giving you a point of view of both the bullies, the ones who are there for her and Biddy herself. This actually makes it worse in a way for me because I knew what the bullies were going to do before Biddy did and I kept screaming at her to tell her father or to shift schools or ANYTHING but, naturally, she can’t hear me and she isn’t real so, it happened anyway and broke my heart.


This is an absolutely lovely read if you don’t have issues with reading about bullying. But if you are a victim of bullying I wouldn’t recommend this because you’ll probably have a panic attack and start crying in the middle of the night like I did. But, to tell you the truth, I completely related to Biddy! The character was so well written, not so personal that you feel like you’re her but personal enough to feel sad for her. I gave this 4 stars (because it was till the point where I dropped it).

A stark but uplifting story of bullying and redemption, for anyone who’s ever been a weirdo.
Almost too terrified to grip the phone, Biddy Weir calls a daytime television show.
The subject is bullying, and Biddy has a story to tell.
Abandoned by her mother as a baby, Biddy lives in her own little world, happy to pass her time watching the birds – until Alison Fleming joins her school.
Popular and beautiful, but with a dangerous, malevolent streak, Alison quickly secures the admiration of her fellow students. All except one. And Alison doesn’t take kindly to people who don’t fit her mould . . .

*I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. opinions expressed are my own.