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33000033The Dark Side Of The Moon is a book along the lines of Oceans 11. A heist story set in Glasgow and the characters are a bunch of imbeciles who are working for a drug lord who is slowly losing power. To be perfectly honest the reason I requested this on Netgalley was, one, the title; it reminded me of Pink Floyd. And two, because I spotted the cover on Instagram and couldn’t get over how absolutely gorgeous it was.


We follow a bunch of misfits who are working for a drug lord who has lost almost all of his power. Other underworld thugs from other countries have quickly taken over his area with more man power and more viciousness and he just can’t seem to keep up with them. He’s holding on to what little power he has left and is using the remainder of his men to plan a heist; one that no one would suspect him of doing because he is, after all, only involved in drugs.

There’s Prentice, Kyle, Legget, Boag and the twins and Boddice has one special job for each one of them. But these boys don’t get along and soon, they start resenting Boddice because they realise that he is doing none of the actual work.


While we start off slow, jumping from POV to POV, the writing picks up and reaches a burning hot climax (pun intended) that leaves you completely slack jawed. I love how the author took the ending where the reader wouldn’t expect and focussed on characters that, again, we wouldn’t have expected him(her?) to focus on.

The pacing is also pretty steady. While there were no portions that lagged there were also no portions that were spine tinglingly exciting. Les Wood (is that that the author’s real name? It’s so cool!) is an interesting author and the story was steady with no glaringly open plotholes; but it still wasn’t enough for me. I never felt the need to rush back to the story and pick it up.

This may have just been because I was reading it on my kindle and I really hate reading eBooks. I thought that would just be for books on my iPad but the experience just isn’t the same. Maybe I would have liked it better if I had read it in physical form? Or it could be the complete and utter lack of female characters. I mean, there are female characters but no one who has the main focus and I just couldn’t relate to any of them and couldn’t really root for them. I didn’t care if the plan worked, I didn’t care if they were dead or alive. No one’s cause was compelling enough for me to have cared about them or it. But again, it could have just been the ebook format. But I did rate it three stars because the story was interesting enough, especially the ending and you may just love this if you are a man. Yes, I know, I gendered a book, what can I say, that’s how I feel.

A blackly comic heist novel set in Glasgow’s famed underworld, reminiscent of early Christopher Brookmyre. Boddice, a crime lord looking over his shoulder for good reason, has assembled an unlikely band of misfit crooks. Their job is to steal a famous diamond worth millions, known as The Dark Side of the Moon. Despite the odds, the crew’s self-serving squabbles and natural incompetence, the plan progresses.

As events build to an explosive climax no one really knows who is playing who. Full of twists and turns and laugh-out-loud moments, this is a hugely enjoyable romp from entirely the criminal’s point-of-view, with not a single cop in sight.

Available for purchase on Book Depository, Wordery and Amazon India.

*I received a review copy from the publisher via Netgalley, but opinions expressed are my own.