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Poly Trap is an environmentally friendly story for children written by Nita Ganguly. Now as I mentioned in an earlier review of a children’s book, I don’t read kids stories but since my best friend had a kid and my own nephew was born I’ve been keeping a lookout for educational yet entertaining books and I’m so glad that Rupa publishers sent me this that fits all the slots.

The story follows Wiley, a seahorse and his mother as she teaches him, in a fun fame of I spy, about the animals. Starting with Starfish and ending with what Wiley thinks are Jellyfish but are actually polythene bags, Wiley’s mother tests his knowledge and imparts some more in a fun way. When it’s Wiley’s turn he thinks the bags are Jellyfish but his mother is quick to teach him about them and how hazardous they are. She goes on to tell him exactly how humans can save lives, both of water creatures and land ones, by avoiding the use of these bags and adopting reusable cloth bags instead.

My mum always made it a habit to carry a bag and told me why when I was young. Now I have a habit of carrying a small portable tote in my handbag or car as well. And I’m so glad she did because if I’d been taught this habit later I may have dismissed it or found it hard to adopt.

I really enjoyed this. It’s never too early to start teaching children the negatives of the world and giving them principles to adopt and this one starts them off on the right foot. While it is obviously educational the illustrations and cute game like structure will mask that for them and make them appreciate the lessons, especially since two cute seahorses are asking them to save their lives and homes. A definitely must buy.

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The world’s seas and oceans are home to numerous life forms. These life forms swim, float, jump or crawl in the world oceans freely. Humans however continue to put the lives of the sea creatures at risk in one way or the other. Join Wiley and his Mummy as they tell you about one of the man-made hazards that leaves the sea creatures gasping for breath and a possible way to let the creatures live freely.

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*I received a review copy in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are my own.