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Well! November is done (bloody good riddance I say) and December is here. That means nothing to me, except maybe gate-crashing friends’ Christmas parties and stealing food but ssshhhh, that’s a secret.

I got a beautiful bunch of books this month, two hauls actually, and some review copies but I’m not sharing the review copies here because I’ve already reviewed them ages ago.


I actually bought three books in a series in one go. Rather stupid, I know, but I’d been umming and ahhing about Across The Nightingale Floor for a few months now and when I spotted it on the Amazon Used Bookstore for cheaper than my usual book stores I bought them immediately. It wasn’t that much cheaper, just 10 rupees, but still, 10 for each and that’s one burger. (Constantly thinking about food, I know)


  1. Ross Polark – Winston Graham

I’d tell you what each one is but there are seventeen books and that’d take four pages! So I shall stick with just listing and linking them. And adding a review link wherever I’ve done a review.


I also read a few lovely posts and I’ve linked them here for you! I usually do these on a Sunday but the month has started and I don’t want to put off these for too long so…. here goes!

  1. Zeezee posts about What’s On her Nightstand (Nov Wrapup) where she mentions a rather interesting Podcast that I’m having a lot of fun listening to.
  2. The Silent Cacophony posted a rather interesting story. Hop over and read it.
  3. Ozbooksnail posted a very interesting and informative post about Debunking Australian Myths.
  4. Author Haruki Murakami is all set to publish his newest novel in Japan! I cannot wait for the English translation! I hope it’s better than Colourless Tsukuru.
  5. The New York times has published their 100 notable books of 2016! This list is soooo increasing my TBR!



PanMac India posted about this gorgeous book on their twitter and I’ve been wanting to read more Middle grade books and The Girl Who Could Fly seems just the perfect place to start reading!


I only read 11 books this month. Which is really say but I’ve got reviews up for most of them and will post the remaining as soon as possible. But of these my favourite was The Virginity Of Famous Men and Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us. Both of which I absolutely adored and rated over 4 stars! If you haven’t read these please do check them out asap!

How was your November? Let me know in the comments below.