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I don’t celebrate Christmas but I know others that do and I adore knowing what they got as gifts. And I adore giving gifting advice. Combine the two and here’s my Christmas gifting list for those who love books.



Whether it is this lovely Moste Potente Potions from Arabella Figg’s gorgeous shop or a Harry Potter version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, there’s something for every potter head out there and below, are a list of my favourite ones.

  1. If you enjoyed the scenes with the bird’s eye view of hogwarts, here’s another thing that offers you the same….in map form.
  2. If miniatures are your thing this one of Hagrid’s Cottage will be right up your alley.
  3. Maybe you know someone who, like Hermione, want to fight for the cause of Elfish Rights. Help them spread awareness about their cause with this Free Dobby pencilcase.



Being on Bookstagram has made me very aware of the awesomeness that is Juniper Books and their custom books. Like this beautiful Harry Potter set in Gryffindor colours. There are other colours too, and if they have the hardcovers already, get them just the jackets. There’s something for everyone when it comes to box sets, like this gorgeous Shakespeare Box Set on Amazon India. (I’m sure you’ll find it internationally too. If you have a bit of a budget then Juniper has some absolutely amazing sets to indulge in. Like this colourful Narnia set. Or this gorgeous GOT set for your Game Of Thrones fans who still think the books are better.


If you know someone who is a classics fan then this World Cloud Box Set may be right up their alley. It includes Little Women, Jane Eyre, Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice Persuasion and Emma. (I have pride and prejudice from here and believe me it is worth every penny.



We all love have copies of our favourite books that are lying in tatters from overeading and I bet we all have our eyes on a collectors edition that we can keep and cherish. Ones that make us hiss like cats about oils and bacteria when someone else touches them or exposes them to the *GASP* elements. If you aren’t a reader you won’t understand why one must have more than one copy of a book, just click on the links below and buy away.

If you enjoyed Alice In Wonderland then you may also enjoy this illustrated book titled What Would Alice Do. It’s really inexpensive and an awesome additional gift if you’re making more of a hamper. Else just grab this beautiful edition of the original.

Know a Tim Burton fan who also enjoys reading? Grab Camille Rose Garcia’s covers of their favourite tales like Alice In Wonderland or Snow White. Or you could go the Fables route. Granted it’s just the first edition but for a comic book and fairy tale lover, this is absolutely perfect. (I know this isn’t collector’s edition but it’s so worth the buy)

And last but not the least, The illustrated Harry Potter book 1 and book 2.


Know a grammar Nazi and want to give them a little present? Or even your English teacher? Grab these gorgeous grammar pencils.

Or maybe you know a librarian and want to give them a gift to show how much you love the space they’ve created for you. These Library Card Pillows are perfect for that. il_570xN.839789926_d6bu

If you haven’t heard of Frostbeard studios then you need to get on that and quick. I may not love character themed candles but book themed ones? Damn! Especially when they smell like old books like this one that ships worldwide.

Maybe it isn’t a job for them yet but a being a book blogger is hard work. So get them a little something that acknowledges their love for books and your love for them. Like these Bibliophile Book ends.

And last but not the least, maybe you wanna…shop…from *cough* my shop *cough*. Like a “Writers Life notebook” for the writer in your life or  this “Hercule Poirot case” for the friend who cant stop planning murder mystery dinners.