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Harper Collins just won the Best Publisher Of The Year at the Tata Lit Fest (CONGRATS!!!). This is the first time this award has been given and it’s been given to HP India. I think we can all agree that this is very impressive, especially considering the competition involved. So, in light of this rather prestigious award, and given the fact that probably half of the books nominated in other categories were from Harper (or Penguin) I thought I’d make a list of recent Harper Books that sound amazing, that I want desperately or ones that I’ve loved.



In the quest to look their best, models eat right, work out, sleep long hours and take good care of themselves. They cultivate balance and radiate a vitality that comes from eating right and living well. This book is an insight into the world of fashion and beauty through the lens of great food and flavours. It contains over a hundred easy-to-follow recipes contributed by top models like Nina Manuel, Fleur Xavier and Alesia Raut. Organized as comfort foods (eaten often) and occasion foods (eaten as an indulgence), the book also contains a seven-day meal programme on what to eat and how to prepare for a red-carpet moment.

I don’t know about you but considering I love working out and keeping myself well within my healthy weight limit, this sounds like a must read to me. It’s priced at 899 so it is a bit of a treat but hey, there are lots of “festivals” coming for me to treat myself.


He had it all: a spot on the couch, a bunch of friends, and a semi-decent-paying job … What more could anyone want? But when an unexpected offer took him to Dubai, Rohan realized he was completely clueless about how to survive. And when he found the girl of his dreams, survival was no longer an option. He needed to discover the hero within him, and his was buried way too deep. In a journey across mountains, rivers and jungles, with half-baked plans and misadventures, Rohan reinvents himself in the pursuit of true love and along the way inspires us to discover our true selves.

Yeah yeah it sounds like a cheesy love story but cover love goes deep. Moreover I won this in a HP giveaway and I could not be more psyched.


Over three decades, civil war instilled deep fear and hate among millions in the multi-ethnic country of Sri Lanka. In 2009, when the army finally defeated the Tamil Tigers guerrillas, about 300,000 civilians were swept up in the end game, and estimates say the death toll exceeded 40,000. But what is an ordinary life in the aftermath of war? Rohini Mohan’s searing account of three lives caught up in the devastation shows how war continues long after the cessation of hostilities. Their turbulent journeys reveal the realities of day-to-day life in a tumultuous postwar world wracked by violence and mistrust. The Seasons of Trouble is a startling and brutal, yet beautifully written debut from a prize-winning journalist.

 I’ve recently been loving Sri Lankan writing. It’s so heart wrenchingly soulful and the landscape, especially post war, is just unbearable. But it just needs to be read, especially by us Indians who are their neighbours so this, even though she doesn’t seem to be a Sri Lankan, sounds like it’ll be a might powerful read. I also recomment The Story Of A Brief Marriage, I haven’t read it but it’s got such laurels already.

I’ve tried not to include books that I’ve already mentioned on my blog. Or ones that have won awards at the lit fest.

Have you got your eye on any of these?