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Let’s ignore the elections and the massive divide it’s caused and focus on what really matters shall we? BOOKS! That’s right, the one amazing thing (apart from kittens and puppies) in this, quite frankly, unpredictable world!


One of India’s favourite writer has a new book coming out. And it says they are brand new stories so YAY RUSKIN BOND!

51GrXMSZk9LMiss Ripley-Bean was sitting on a bench beneath the deodars, having a quiet moment to herself, when suddenly two shadows, larger than life, appeared on the outside wall; they were struggling with each other. Only afterwards, when a dead body was discovered, did Miss Ripley-Bean realize she had witnessed a murder – and that the murderer had seen her . . .
In this marvellous collection of brand-new stories set in the Mussoorie of a bygone era, Ruskin Bond recounts the deliciously sinister cases of a murdered priest, an adulterous couple, a man who is born evil and the body in the box bed; not to forget the strange happenings involving the arsenic in the post, the strychnine in the cognac, a mysterious black dog and the Daryaganj strangler. As the elderly Miss Ripley-Bean, her Tibetan terrier Fluff, her good friend Mr Lobo, the hotel pianist and Nandu, the owner of the Royal, mull over the curious murders, the reader will be enthralled and delighted – until the murderer is finally revealed.

Death Under The Deodars is available for preorder here.



One of my favourite musicians, Pradeep Kuhad, has released three new songs and they’re as amazing as expected. He plays Acoustic, Soft rock and if you enjoy John Mayer’s original work you might enjoy this. You can buy them on OKListen.

Wizard Rock : Yup. It’s still a thing and Rose from RoseReadBlog has compiled a very interesting list of places you can find songs and And a playlist as well.


Today I bring to you a few interesting articles I spotted online through the week. Starting with one that tells you The Anatomy Of A Book. Nope, it’s not just enough for us to love them and cuddle them, we must know them inside out as a surgeon knows the human body. After all, books are people too.

And speaking of Trump, on Equal Pay Day, Baileys Prize on twitter shares an article on Why Women Are Still Being Paid Less. This is especially close to my heart because almost every woman I know is being paid less than a man who does the exact same job. It is terribly frustrating to see this happening in 2016! It’s 2016 DAMMIT, EQUAL PAY!

On that note, here’s an article listing 23 Female Entrepreneurs Under 30 Who Are Bossing Life, in case you need inspiration to quit that non equal paying job and lead your life your way and work on your terms. I’m particularly impressed by the amazing Morgan Dowler, Hayley Smith and Phoebe Gormely. (Indian women, you know how hard it is to find a good tailor, one who can actually stitch a blouse with space for your breasts. Rofl)

A lovely artist friend of mine, Asma, shared this absolutely brilliant article on how one can protect their books the medieval way, with cruses. (You have to follow her on twitter, she shares the most interesting articles and does such amazing artwork!). I think I’ll be employing this technique every time someone wants to borrow a book. “Fail to return this in perfect condition and your eyes will be gouged out by the devil himself!” seems like a perfectly socially acceptable statement to make.


And finally, the Oxford Bookstore Cover Prize has been announced and I am super excited for these books! Check out the covers of Kalkatta, The Island Of Lost Girls and A Ragdoll After My heart. (Image credit : Kolkatalitfest)

I’ve also convinced one of my favourite people on the internet to start reviewing books on his blog. You have definitely read his guest reviews here on my blog so head over to his blog, read his stories and give him some love.

That’s all from me. Did you enjoy any of these?