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Another addition to the blog so that I post every weekend. This is more to share articles I found interesting with you guys instead of just tweeting them. Along with mini updates on what I’m reading, how I’m liking it and other things.



This week I made a list of some of the amazing Translated books I’m looking forward to reading, read Three Dark Crowns, The High Priestess Never Marries and Six Four. I also had a giveaway going on for Six Four and the winner was Abhilash Sanyal. I’m currently reading an MS.Subbulakshmi Biography and a wonderful short story collection titled Sum : Tales From The Afterlife by David Eagleman.


This week Booker Prize Winner Marlon James wrote a rather interesting and insightful on why we should stop talking about diversity. It has been published on Lithub here.

A new youtuber that I absolutely love is Marianna of Impression Blend. Her movie reviews are brilliant and perfectly in sync with my tastes (except she loves horror and I do not) and her book reviews are just as delightful. Please watch her review of Train To Busan linked above and subscribe to her immediately. (watch on youtube please)

One of my friends Shalini from ShalzMojo posted a really interesting post about living in a treehouse for a day, check that out by clicking on her name above. And the wonderful Naz from read diverse books posted a wrap up of his Latinx Heritage Month.

In Must read books is the lovely Orang-utan Librarian’s review of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Infidel. She’s convinced me to read it and it’s now sitting tucked away in my amazon lists waiting for a price drop notification.

I wanted to do the Deweys readathon this year but I don’t think that’ll happen. I hve too much going on right now. Are you planning on doing the readathon?

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If you didn’t know I have started an art blog, it is AnAiensArt here on wordpress and I was planning on doing Inktober but I gave up midway. What with Diwali and Navarathiri I just couldn’t allot time for this. But I did post for a few days so you can check that out. I also have a movie blog but I will be shutting that down and moving my reviews over here slowly. I think it makes more sense since a lot of book bloggers also do movie reviews. What do you think?

Have a great weekend!