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This I another series I want to start up mainly to keep track of the books I want to read but also to share them with you in case you didn’t know these existed! Starting with


The Peculiar Life Of A Lonely Postman by Denis Theriault.

I’ll be honest, it was the cover that drew me into this one. And then the title. I mean it gets you thinking doesn’t it. Lonely postman? Peculiar life? Has he got a secret? Well, turns out he does!

This is a book about Bilodo, a postman, who has taken to opening the letters he delivers and reading them (hopefully he delivers them after and doesn’t just keep them to himself). One day he finds a letter that has a Haiku (who doesn’t love a good haiku) and starts reading the letters that two lovers sent to one another, communicating only via poetry. Naturally all sneaky things must come to an end and something happens that takes this away from him. Are you as intrigues as I am?

This is from One World publications, this is available on Book depository, Wordery and Amazon. (this is the new cover, both covers are brilliant btw.)

9781780748665_15A Very Special Year by Thomas Montasser

Does this look like the cover of a German book to you? I was sure it was French but apparently it’s german. And it is a story about a bookstore! Who wouldn’t want that!

We follow Valerie who has come to take over her aunt’s little bookstore. Her aunt has disappeared without a trace and no one knows where she is but that isn’t the focus (atleast in the blurb).

While sorting out the bookstore Valerie comes across a book that has no ending. She thinks this is a defective copy but then a customer comes asking for this book and it reveals something that is going to change her life. Oh my god! I want to know what happens. I WANT TO KNOW!

This is also from Oneworld publications and it definitely sounds like a mustbuy.

9781846276002The Nakano Thrift Shop by Hiromi Kawakami

I adore Japanese books and I’m sure most of us do. They have a sort of airy yet intense quality about their writing and it makes for excellent indulgence, especially in the colder months.

This one is about Hitomi, a girl who’s recently taken up a job at a thrift store. Soon she finds herself a part of the community with a lot on interesting characters! Hitomi’s colleague, Takeo, is a shy man but this doesn’t stop the two from falling in love.

Surrounded by mysterious thrift pieces and other people’s drama, tis is a love story that sounds super sweet and interesting. This is actually available for purchase already and I’ve had it in my list for a while but only imported copies are available and I’m not willing to spend so much on an author I haven’t read before. Hopefully it’ll have a local release soon. This is from Portobello books and released August last year.

Do you have any Translated Books that you consider must reads or are looking forward to? Tell me!!!!!