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9789385936524Mr.Iyer Goes To War by Ryan Lobo

Coming out on November 3rd from Bloomsbury India, Mr.Iyer Goes To War is a hilarious story about a religiously inclined Lalgudi Iyer. After an accident which leaves him with a concussion, he starts having visions of his past life where he was Bhima. Now he’s convinced that this has all happened because he has to fulfil Bhima’s unfinished business and sets out with his friend, the undertaken Bencho, to do so.

This sounds like an absolute laugh riot and I’ve been loving what Bloomsbury has brought out this year. Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

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9781408881750The Terranauts by T.C.Boyle

I’ve never read anything by T.C.Boyle before but it seems like he has written an awful lot of books. Most of which have been rated quite highly. The synopsis caught my attention (after the cover did) and I cannot imagine living life without this book in it. It’s about these eight people who are chosen to be part of an ecological experiment.

They have to live life in this gigantic glass dome/sphere in the middle of the dessert and be constantly watched by tourists who are visiting. And it also follows each individual person as they struggle to make this life work after being desperate to be a part of it. Comes out 20th of October from Bloomsbury.

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9789352641970Family Planning by Karan Mahajan

You might know Karan Mahajan from The Association Of Small Bombs. Now, I may have missed reading that book but I’m really hoping to get my hands on this. While the cover isn’t as appealing (what were you thinking dude!) the book certainly sounds interesting. The story follows Rakesh Ahuja, a government employee who has 13 children already. To add to this his wife is pregnant with the 14th and is busily mourning her favourite TV Star. He doesn’t get along with his son who seems sore at having so many siblings (who wouldn’t be) and to make things even worse, there seems to be some secret that’s threatening to destroy their already fragile family life. Doesn’t this sound brilliant? I can’t wait to read it. Family Planning releases on the 15th of November from Harper Collins.

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51niRjvNIUL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_The High Priestess Never Marries by Sharanya Manivannan

Now, I’m cheating a bit here because I already have a review copy of this book but trust me when I say I’m about 80 pages into this short story collection and I already adore it. Since this is a collection and doesn’t have one story I’m just copy pasting the clurb here. “A Sri Lankan mermaid laments the Arthurian Fisher King; a woman treks to a cliff in the Nilgiris with honey gatherers of the Irula tribe; a painter fears she will lose her sanity if she leaves her marriage and lose her art if she stays faithful within it; one woman marries her goddess; another, sitting in a bar, says to herself, ‘I like my fights dirty, my vodka neat and my romance anachronistic.’The women in this collection are choice makers, consequence facers, solitude seekers. They are lovers, vixens, wives to themselves. And their stories are just how that woman in the bar likes it – dirty, neat and sexy as smoke.” Releasing on November 2nd from Harper Collins.

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41v09I4Fo L._SX315_BO1,204,203,200_The Story Of A Brief Marriage by Aruk Arudpragasam

Another Sri Lankan author to add to my shelves (their writing is just so beautiful!) is Aruk Arudpragasam. This is a story set, again, in the Srilankan Tamil turmoil and follows Dinesh, one of the people being evacuated and is taking shelter at a makeshift camp. There he is approached by an old man who wants Dinesh to marry his daughter, Ganga. Now this ensures a tiny bit of safety for both of them since marriage is still valued there and their family probably won’t be broken in case of any change in the situation, good or otherwise. The story follows them as they come to terms with their situation and their marriage of necessity. This also releases on the 2nd of November from Fourth Estate.

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Apart from these I’m also looking forward to The Underground Railroad, Three Dark Crowns, A Blueprint For Love, Hag-Seed and Private Citizens. Are any of these on your TBR?