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Ah thrillers. They will always be one of my favourite genres no matter how much more of anything else I read. There’s something wonderful about watching detectives, vigilantes and criminals do crazy things and give you adrenaline pumping moments without you having to put yourself in any kind of danger. And in that aspect, Remember Death does really well.

The story follows Detective Arjun Arora as he tries to find an airhostess who is a suspect in a murder investigation. Naturally all isn’t as it seems to be and Arora soon finds himself turning protector instead of hunter as he finds both himself and the airhostess, Agnes, hunted down by someone with a long reach.

Ankush Saikia takes us on an interesting ride filled with both glitz glam and the seedy underground, with a urine drinking holy man and a pill popping victim. It is all so interestingly woven that I ended up reading late into the night just so I could finish it. (10:30 is late for me ok!)

The first 150 plus pages though were very hard to get through. I actually read that over four days because it just wasn’t fast paced enough. Those pages are where he does what he is hired to do till he makes an astounding discovery are filled with more details about what food he eats and what he drinks than anything else. In fact after a point I started feeling like I was the guy’s nutritionist!

Another problem was I was a bit confused about some of the details the first 150 pages contained because it kept referring to a past case and people in his personal life that I am sure I would have understood if I had read the previous book first. Oh well, it’s too late now and while that won’t prevent you from enjoying the rest of the book, it will leave you a bit bewildered about who and what he’s talking about.

Those problems aside, I forced myself to get through those pages and boy was I glad I did.

The rest of the book is interesting and action packed with twists and turns at every chapter (and more food details, he really needs to eat healthier) and events rising up to a grand crescendo. I finished the rest of the pages, 270ish, in one sitting. A really nice aspect I liked was it wasn’t all Bollywood like. It did have drama, almost all Indian books do, there’s no stopping that, but it wasn’t terribly dramatic like most other thrillers are and I was so relieved about that. While there were still a lot of extraneous details that could have been avoided, it was a fun read and some tighter editing would have made this a solid four star read.

Arjun Arora isn’t really a character you like but he is an interesting enough character to read this book for. As is the case. I’d recommend this for people who are not yet into international thrillers but are keen on Indian ones. If you read Swedish and Japanese thrillers a lot this would not really be up to your level but if you don’t, this is great. It is at a level between the two and I’m sure, if you aren’t a thriller aficionado like me, you will completely enjoy this from page one.

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*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review, opinions expressed are my own.