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The Yellow Room is the Gone Girl of YA lit. Dammit, I’ve gone and done it myself haven’t I. Compared something to Gone Girl. But you know what, I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it. The Yellow Room gave me the same rush, the same devastating worry and the same OMG-factor that Gone Girl gave me. Actually let me be a little less lazy and take the effort to explain why I’m saying this.

Anna is from a single parent household. Her parents are divorced and she hasn’t heard from her father for a very long time. Yes, it’s been so long that she doesn’t even think of him but when she gets a note from his girlfriend that he’s died she decided that she may just want to know why he didn’t care enough to keep in touch.

So she plans a meeting with Edie and spends time worrying about it. She doesn’t know if her father ever cared about her. If her mother ever did. Why they never kept in touch. Why he never called her. She knows nothing and she isn’t sure what to expect from the girlfriend, but when she gives her a genuine chance she realises that Edie has all the characteristics that she craves to fill a void in her life.

The story is about Anna and her two friends who are wonderful but quick to dismiss her feelings. It also involves an admirer who maybe a little overbearing. It follows her fights with her mother and how rash they can get and how Edie is the one that manages to comfort her and make her have fun for a change.

I really enjoyed how well done the psychological portions were. It felt like I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on and the author held the suspense till the very last chapter. All the characters held their own and made their presence felt. Best portion was the absent parent syndrome didn’t actually exist. It was really enjoyable and I started it in the evening and except for taking a break to make dinner (where I accidentally burnt something because I sneaked in a few pages) I finished it in one sitting.

There are so many ridiculously hyped up YA books that I’ve heard about, why wasn’t this hyped up as much as those? This was a riveting read, a page turner, a nail bitingly thrilling ride about bullies and blackmail and love and affection and parenthood.

So I take it back, it’s not like gone girl, but it’s a brilliantly written psychological “thriller”. As it always happens, it’s easier to review a book that you don’t like than one that you like. All I can do is push this book into your face and yell at you to go buy it. GO BUY IT!

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I requested a copy from the publisher but opinions expressed are my own