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Fables : Volume 1 : Legends In Exile

Fables is a comic series about all the fairytale characters we read about as children. Right from Snow White to the three little pigs, they’re all here in this book ready to entertain you in your adulthood. But the catch is that this is the fairytale characters like you’ve never seen before.

Our characters have been exiled from fairyland by a dark shadowy figure known only as the adversary. We have no clue who this person is or what they look like but we know what they want, fairyland.

Fables volume one is a mix of Hercule Poirot meets Fairy Tales with a bit of foul language thrown in for good measure. It’s about the death of Rose Red, Snow White’s sister, who is a crazy party animal. Her boyfriend, Jack the Giant Slayer, comes to her apartment to find it covered in blood and her missing. He rushes to the Big Bad Wolf who is now the reformed sheriff of fabletown who in turn rushes to the assistant mayor, Snow White. Together they try to unravel what happened to her and try to avenge her death.

I absolutely adored the artwork and the storyline. Normally I would think that I’d only enjoy serious books like Maus and Persepolis but I really enjoyed the frivolity of this book. Yes it wasn’t a frivolous topic but it certainly was entertaining enough to be a four star read. I definitely recommend this to everyone. Perfectly suited for lovers of retellings who are looking to get into graphic novels.

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Sweet Tooth Volume 1 : Out Of The Woods

This is a very different book. Yes it is about a world that isn’t as it used to be and the main characters are in danger from a group of people but it’s a Dystopian.

Gus, Aka sweet tooth, is a boy with antlers. A deadly virus of plague has come and destroyed most people and nature has done what nature does best. She’s given the next generation of survivors coping techniques. Gus is born with a certain bacteria battling gene in his body but with the downside of having animal parts.

Gus lives with his father deep in the woods away from people that his dad says are bad. He’s been advised not to ever leave the woods and to pray to god for guidance but then, one day, his dad dies leaving Gus to fend for himself. Things don’t go so well (naturally, else there wouldn’t be a story to tell) and Gus finds that he has to break the one rule his dad sets for him, Never to leave the woods.

I didn’t like the artwork as much in this book. While I loved the dark and gritty colours I found the artwork too……. Rough for me to find enjoyable. I’ll probably not buy the rest of the series, instead if I become a member of a library anytime I’ll probably borrow it if they have it.

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Have you read either one of these? What did you think?

PS : If you’re buying comics from amazon make sure you don’t buy from amazing buy. I had to return Sweet Tooth after finding that it was a damaged used copy.