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Vanessa Fogg headshotBiologist by day and writer by night, Vanessa Fogg is intimidating in a good way. She’s written quite a few stories and has quite a bit published already. but this right here, The Lilies Of Dawn, is her first novella in print and it’s quite an exciting one.

1. You’ve been publishing online before going the traditional route, what would you say the benefits of that are?

It’s hard to say what a “traditional” route is these days! In the science-fiction/fantasy (SFF) field, there’s been a long tradition of writers first establishing themselves in the short fiction market before leaping to full-length novels. Short fiction markets used to be print magazines, but now there are many exciting and well-respected online magazines in the SFF field. By publishing in these magazines, you can begin to build an audience who will hopefully follow you when you publish in other formats. There’s also this: stories that are freely available online provide a “sampler” for readers who might be intrigued by your book, but not sure whether they want to plunk down cash for it.

This all sounds rather calculated. In truth, I’ve started off with short stories because I think I’m really a short story writer at heart. I love reading them and I love writing them.

2. You mostly write fantasy though you have written some science fiction, do you ever see yourself writing other genres?

Maybe. I like pushing myself in new directions. I actually first started off trying to write literary realism, but at least a hint of weirdness would always keep creeping in. I like works that blur genre boundaries, that don’t quite fit in boxes. I like the idea of mashing up genres—science-fiction plus fantasy, or SFF with “literary” techniques and sensibility. Although I also like the “pure” stuff, such as straight-up, hard sci-fi!

3. This is your first traditionally published work I presume? How does it feel?

It feels a little unreal, to tell the truth. I’m very, very happy about it, but it does feel a little unreal to see reviews on GoodReads and Amazon and see that yes, people really are buying and reading my book! I’m very grateful!

4. Are you working on anything right now?

I’m trying to write a dark fantasy short story now. I have another fantasy short story in mind after that. We’ll just see where things go after that!

5. Most people start their careers with a full fledged novel or sometimes, even a trilogy, you’ve done a novelette which is very unique. is there a reason for this?

As I said above, I’m really a short story writer at heart. I thought that Lilies of Dawn would also be a short story when I began it. It grew longer than I expected. Sometimes you just can’t predict how a story will unwind, or how much time the characters need. I’m very grateful that Annorlunda Books took this piece on, because it’s not easy to place novelettes in traditional markets.

6. You’re a PHD trained biologist, did you ever think that you’d be a writer? Or was that the dream all along.

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl. I actually entered college with the intention of being an English major. My parents really, really wanted me to go to medical school, so I took the pre-med curriculum to appease them. Surprise, surprise—I ended up falling in love with my first college molecular biology course. I switched my major to Biology, volunteered in research labs, went to grad school. . . and didn’t write fiction for the next 14 years. It was only slowly that I began to make my way back to fiction writing. But I’m very happy to be back.

LiliesofDawn_300A lushly written, lyrical fairy tale of love, duty, family, and one young woman’s coming of age.

There is a lake of marvels. A lake of water lilies that glow with the color of dawn. For generations Kai’s people have harvested these lilies, dependent upon them for the precious medicines they provide.

But now a flock of enchanted cranes has come to steal and poison the harvest. The lilies are dying. Kai’s people are in peril. A mysterious young man from the city thinks he might have a solution. Kai must work with him to solve the mystery of the cranes, and it will take all her courage, love, strength, and wisdom to do what she must to save both the lilies and her people.

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